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Screamfest 2007

Stadt / City Oslo 
Land / Country Norway 
Web www.screamfest.no
Datum / Date02 - 03. Nov 2007 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie Screamfest_Oslo_2007 
Photos: Pia Sundström 

The first and from now on annual festival of the Norwegian Scream Magazine did not take half measures, but placed 20 Bands from hard rock to Heavy Metal from Norway, Sweden and Switzerland on a small festival in our hands.

On both days the Screamfest, took place in "Betong", a location where the well-known Chateau Neuf is also located and where the Norwegian Awards take place. Seeing as we arrived a little late on the first day, Soul Scarred already had half of their concert behind them. Unfortunately one could still call the public very understated...

Friday, 02. November 2007

Soulscarred (small stage)
Trash Metal made in Norway! Whoever thought that they may find something exceptional here, may find themselves disappointed. Soulscarreds´ sound was average - just like their music. The show had an uncertainly about it, but was at the same time aggressive. The band did not really seem to be having much fun and this relayed to the audience, with the exception of a hand full of fans who nodded their heads along with the music. They certainly can not be described as a warm-up act. (sa)

Vreid (main stage)

I don´t want to spend a long time going in to the bands history, since the most of you probably know that Vreid are the follow-up band of Windir, which started again after the death of the Windir´s singer Valfar. The band had some fans in tow, since after the first sound those in the first four rows were really partying! The dull sound of Soulscarred disappeared quickly and infected the Vreid guys raved those volume, which one issued otherwise a rather modest stage certification, on the stage around like the large ones. Stubbornness and bolshiness did not seem to want to hypnotise their fingerboards any longer and dedicated themselves to the calculated public. It seems as though Soulscarred´s sound also did something to the public, since now it was also very suitable and thus Vreid´s melodic Black Metal with small rock attitude presented itself in the best of lights.
Beautiful show!(sa)

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Throne Of Katarsis (small stage)

Rau, geradlinig, true Norwegian Black Metal ausgestattet mit vollem Corpse Paint - das sind TOK. Die Jungs sind hier um hier ihren Schnörkel und Schnikschnak freien old style Black Metal zum besten zu geben. An der kleinen Bühne herrscht eine intime und atmosphärische Stimmung, die nicht verwundert, da das begeisterte Publikum sich dicht an die Bühne drängt um einen Blick auf die Band zu erhaschen. Die Darbietung war gut und die Pommesgabeln fliegen der Band nur so zu, während sie ihr Set durchprügeln. Nichts Neues, nichts spektakuläres oder besonders Innovatives – aber true! (jo)

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Gothminister (main stage)

Oh man…really ridiculous! A big fat sorry for all the Gothminister fans, but the stage deco, the make up, the hut, the platform shoes, the black nailpolish, and the attempt to look as evil as possible, while at the same time fidgeting with the appaling skull sticks awoke a contemptuous laughing fit! That´s how I saw this whole cinematic piece, like a comedy. But to be honest, it is a question of taste– let´s focus on the music. The sound was authoritative and they played all the songs off the playlist. At least Betong was satisfied that a third of the places infront of the mainstage were taken. Towards the end of the set, Brem even tried to be evil–maybe he received the encompassing smile and smirk. Funny… (sa)

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Triosphere (small stage)

To be honest, female sawyers (?) are not my thing, and that´s how it was with the first song at the and not in the public. However the sound that filled my ears was anything but typical and allowed me to drink my cider in record time in order to catch a view of the bands second song. The crowding in front of the small stage spoke for itself and Ida Haukland, besides being a bit of an eye catcher, is also an outstanding singer - who certainly sounds like a singer. The drawer in which Triosphere has been shoved, somehow doesn´t fit at all- traditional Powermetal is something different. The Norwegian quartet plays aggressive Hard Rock, with beautiful melodies and soft ´Prog´ passages. Close your eyes and you think you are in the late 80´s, though in no way corny. One hopes to hear more from this band and contributes to one of the highlights from the festival.
I can say little to the stage show, as it was so full, only now and again could I see a few flowing manes. Great Gig! (sa)

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Breed (small stage)
Pantera sends greetings to Breed. The four young Norwegians controlled their instruments really well and place an achievement on thjeir set, though it does lacks individuality here and I couldn´t really remember any songs after the gig Nevertheless, Breed heated up the place and had fun. (sa)

Samael (main stage)

Mighty Samael played before only (with much benevolent treasure)to a half full venue. That is sometimes new. The Swiss kept completely professional, and nevertheless seemed to have a lot of fun on stage. The set left open no requests and included songs off the new album as well as some classics.
The emptiness was perfect, if only for the audience to dance around enthusiastically! Delightful! (sa)

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Samstag, 03. November 2007

Trail Of Tears (main stage)

Trail Of Tears schaffen es mit einem atmosphärischem und unheimlichen Intro eine aufregende Stimmung zu erschaffen bevor sie die Bühne betreten. Die Band aus Kristiansand ist eine sehr etablierte Goth/Symphonic Metal Band mit nicht zu überkandidelter weiblichen Sopran-Stimme im Kontrast zum herrlich gegrunztem männlichen Part. Sie sind schon lange genug dabei um zu wissen wie man eine sehr energetische Stage Show spielt und gaben heute Abend alles, unbeeindruckt von der zahlenmäßig noch kläglichen Menge vor der Bühne. (jo)

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Audrey Horne (main stage)

With the new album and stand in guitarist (guitar player Isdal is ontour with Enslaved), the Bergener filled the room on the stage in bucket fulls after the first song. Singer, Toschie gave everything and then some, and the rest of the band rocked the stage confident and sure. As the band only has two albums out (their debut won the Noerwegian Grammy), they played all the songs that were expected. Audrey Horne, sound just a smidgen more extreme than on their album and with their intelligent Hard Rock with their own special notes. Hopefully the band will be touring outside of Norway- also their newest concoction ´Le Fol´ is only available there. This band is one you should note down.(sa)

Visit the Audrey Horne-galleryhere!

Volbeat (small stage)

Das beliebte dänische Quintett lockte ein sehr enthusiastisches Publikum vor die Bühne, welches sehr wohlwollend zur Kenntnis genommen wurde, da es vorher einige Publikumsschrecke auf der Bühne zu sehen gab. Mit ihrem Rockabilly/Blues/Metal Stil sind sie zwar sicherlich keine besonders originelle Kreation (man denke an Misfits/Danzig), aber nichts desto trotz gehen ihre Fans richtig mit und singen mit Frontmann Michael mit. Volbeat schaffen es die Menge über das ganze Set so in ihrem Bann zu halten. (jo)

Visit the Volbeat-galleryhere!

Sahg (small stage)

I was very curious with Sahg, as on their albums, the incredibly creative title "Sahg I" and "Sahg II" grooved in a crude manner. Expectations were not disappointed by the Bergenern, because live, the heavy rockers really get a move on. They ceremoniously played, moshed and played a really well rounded set. Smaller sound problems stepped into the background and were ignored by the band and the considerable public. Live, Olav Iversen sounds like a young Ozzy Osbourne on Cd. One notices that the Sahg bandmembers, (there are three at the moment, the rest are session musicians), enjoy this type of music and are having a great time! Great achievement! (sa)

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Katatonia (main stage)

With their gloomy, melancolic metal, the Swedish are not necessarily the life of the party. Even the very minimal movement on the stage is not really a thriller and more boring to watch, but Katatonia impress with their introvert music. In the audience a change has proceeded, because all those who had just violently rocked with Sahg, were either at a bar, or had to take part in this crass change. Sensitive, almost quite brittle vocals and heart-rending melodies chase those present light showers over their back. Wonderful, but a real mood spoiler. (sa)

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Blood Red Throne (small stage)

After being deathly sad, one needs…? Exactly a full broadside of Death Metal in order to start partying again! The small stage was packed out and before Blood Red Throne the atmosphere, with a slight delay, was at its best. The five from Christiania were more energetic and bought the moshpit to a stand still. The last development of the band has bought them just a little bit closer to the Norwegian Death metal Elite. A little less diversity and they could be rid of the competition. (sa)

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Soilwork (main stage)

Soilwork, live is definitely something. If the singer Bjørn Strid is in a good mood, then it´s possible for Strid to sound better live than on their album. With Strid, however, it is not always the case. But at Screamfest, the public was in luck! The Swedish quintet played one of the best sets that I have ever seen. With their unique Melodic Death Metal and a beautiful selection of songs from ‚Figure Number Five´ ,Stabbing the Drama´ and their newest work, ‚Sworn to a Great Divide´, Soilwork rocked the mainstage and boosted the publics mood. Successful show! (sa)

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Conclusion: Seeing as it was the magazines first ever festival, we would give it the thumbs up. Maybe one could think about screwing down entry prices, to make it a little more cosy over the two days. Apart from that, there were a few great bands present, a few surprises and despite the ridiculously expensive Norwegian alcohol prices, there was a wanton mood. We´re looking forward to next year!

Jane Oliver (jo), Samira Alinto (sa)

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