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Slowmotion Apocalypse: War and Currywurst

A hot Pizza Frutti di Mare, please, and with Slowmotion Apocalypse sauce! This Modern Metal band is currently the hottest thing Italy has to offer, after they became Soccer World Champions. And you won´t burn your mouth but rather open your ears wide... Singer Alberto “Albi” Zannier found time for a STALKER Mailer interview during their tour with Mnemic ...

First of all he is presenting the band members to us...

Hi everybody. I’m Alberto “Albi” Zannier and I’m the screamer/growler of Slowmotion Apocalypse. The other four motherfuckers are Ivan Odorico (lead guitar), Nicolas Milanese (rhythm guitar), Ivo Boscariol (bass), Tommaso “Tommy” Corte (drums).

So since this is your first extensive tour through Europe, did you get a great feedback from the audiences so far?

We’re getting a good feedback and we’re happy. It was not an headlining tour and we were just the first supporters but a lot of people came to us saying they liked the concert very much and some also dropped us a line on our websites (www.myspace.com/slowmotionapocalypse or www.slowmotionapocalypse.com).

And so what`s the difference between German and Italian audiences - if there is any?

Both audiences are good, but I have to admit the Italian people is more into stage-diving, pogo and moshing than Germans. Many times the German guys are just standing and watching you. You cannot even understand if they like the show or not, but after it the same guy you were looking at comes to you and says “Hey man! I loved the show. I really dig you guys and I want to buy the CD”. Let me say also that Italian people knows us very well, and for the largest part of the German people it was the first time they so us.

Your new album "Obsidian" was finally released on May. How does it feel?

You know, releasing a new album it’s big deal, and when I finally see it in the stores I feel like I’ve finally done something important, at least for myself and the other guys. The reviews are good and I hope this album will allow us to step on the “next level”.

What topics are you dealing with on the record?

War, religion and power, mind control, passion and devotion to the Metal faith, rebirth through self destruction and sexual freedom. It’s not a concept album as the previous one. This time there were some different things I wanted to talk about.

The cover looks damn cool, too. Can you tell us something about it?

All artwork has been developed by Italian artist Nicola Lelli (www.designyourfate24.it). He is a very talented guy and he based his work on the lyrics, especially those from the opening track (all lyrics are available on www.slowmotionapocalypse.com) which is about war. He had this idea of using war connected subjects, so we decided to go further and create also the contrast between past and present.

Are there still some bands with whom you would like to tour? With whom would you never want to tour? And why?

We’d like to tour with any good band with nice members that can offer us a good display. You have to live together for a long period so it’s important to have a good feeling. With Mnemic and Nightrage it was awesome! We had such a great time and I really hope to meet them again. Of course the bigger is the band the more display you get, and that’s the main reason why bands do touring. I’d never like to tour with assholes and those people who think they’re rockstars. Fuck them!

So, tell us : How do you like the German beer?

Wow! That’s magic! We drunk a lot of them. I’m a beer addict and I’ve been to the Oktoberfest many times, but during the tour I found my real love... German beer and currywurst! The only thing I don’t understand are those strange mixed drinks with beer, fruit juice and energy drink stuff... Fuck! They made me puke. Beer is beer, juice is juice and energy drinks are bullshit. Ahahahahah!

And last bot not least: Please tell us some funny or strange tour story.

Mmmm... let me tell you we had a lot of those shitty mixed drinks and we just shook them before throwing them against the wall. It was fun, man! Big foam explosions and a lot of cans to be destroyed. Also something not very funny happened... In Budapest Tommy (drums) and Nicolas (guitar) stopped the tour-bus for a shit and then were abandoned in a gas station at 5 AM together with Tomas from Mnemic. There was a very cold wind blowing and they got only t-shirt, no money, no ID card, and no mobiles. Fortunately they find out how to get to the venue but it took three hours of walking in a cold morning. Shit happens. But touring rules!

Thanks for the interview and see you guys next time.

Author: Marc Hoek, transl. K. Weber, photos: Slowmotion Apocalypse
Date: 2007-06-22

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