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Catharina Boutari: The perfect Popsong

The album raised attention with its unusual title, and that wasn´t the only thing that impressed STALKER. Why Catharina Boutari called her new CD "Tanzschule Boutari" and how they created their particular sound, is revealed here:

The album raised attention with its unusual title, and that wasn´t the only thing that impressed STALKER. Why Catharina Boutari called her new CD "Tanzschule Boutari" and how they created their particular sound, is revealed here:

Congratulations to your new record “Tanzschule Boutari”. How are you?
Thanks for the compliment. We are really happy that the record is finally done, it took some loops until it came out. The whole record is done since last year. Then I became pregnant. The record should have been released right before the baby came, all has been planned and delayed, because: everybody liked the songs so much they wanted to advance the promotion before the release. That caused the fact that the release was nearly at the same time with my lying- in so I canceled it because it was all too much to me. This year the work phase stretched like bubble gum. As the CD got into the press plant they had too much errands and it took long time again. Life sometimes plays tricks on us. And now we feel light as little flowers and I´m looking forward for what´s going to happen.

Are you satisfied with your latest creation?
Good question! Proud at the one side and on the other side focusing the next record, which will be better than this one. With every record you learn so much that is new. Afterwards you write the songs of course much better and so on. We are working on new material yet. On “Tanzschule Boutari“ only the last song “Halt Mich Wach“ is from us four. It´s a pleasure to recognize that it´s so popular and it gives me the boldness not to write everything by myself, but trying to advance collaboration with the guys.

Why it´s titled “Tanzschule Boutari”? Have you particular reasons for that?
Our producer Gregor Hennig came with this idea, but it was an offer for the title of the song “Ich fordere Euch Auf”. But we liked it so much we decided to make it the album title. Dancing has such a lot of meanings. It means getting hot, being insubordinate and being out of order, such as walking all over everyone. And we set the pace.

How much time did you spend for the songs and who is the band leader?
The songs all have a different age. “In Einem Land wo die Zitronen blühen” is released yet and is the last song from my first band in Hamburg “Babylon 27”, while “Halt Mich Wach” is quite young and the last song we wrote for the new record. All the other songs we made in the last 4 years.

I am the leader, but what´s the Captain without his Crew?!
I write most of the songs bring them as layouts to the rehearsal and arrange or make the instrumentation together with Jan, Angus and Tobi. Some elements in the layouts mean a lot to me and should not change and some will be created new. I play together with them, because I like their way of playing and feeling music. That´s why I want their ideas in my songs, too.

Your style is based on catchy melodies and certainly it is a record that includes all Trademarks. Who you want to appeal to?
To all who are like us. All those who like to be entertained, who want to dance at concerts and to CD´s, all who like great melodies and don´t stop thinking while doing this, all who like it as it is and all who like rock music in its “original” rebellious way.

Which bands have influenced you and impressed you?
My “lady trio” from my teenage days is Patti Smith, Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin. These are my emotional roots. When we finished the songs we heard “Kings Of Leon“and “Block Party”. Jan wanted the bass line from the “Kings” and the drums should sound like “Block Party”. We always wanted a British guitar sound: Small, curtly, acute, well arranged. And I wanted a vocal quality that is not too soft, and so I used old microphones, instrument microphones(SM7) or the live microphone, so that a lot of performance gets on the record.

Are there some gigs coming up, and where will they be?
The next gig is at Rocktreff in Berlin. Then I will play solo at Women Unplugged in Hamburg 9th July and 3rd August we play at Ken FM in Potsdam. New gigs are coming soon. Take a look at our My Space page (www.myspace.com/catharinaboutari) or our Homepage (www.catharinaboutari.de) for current information.

Who writes the lyrics and what do they mean in detail?
I write the lyrics all by myself. No one else shall do this. That´s what my heart is beating for. The lyrics always base on a special experience. You can call it autobiographic stuff that´s turned into literature. It´s supplemented with a sense of fancy. My head is on the blink and I chime in fancy stuff about what or who I would like to be or what should have happened to me. Most the time, in review, something true included something that belongs to me. No matter where it comes from, it shall be cleared poetical. The words should have a groove and a good sound. And the phrases should hurt sometimes.

What would you call your influences in song writing?
Take a look at my lady trio. Mrs. Patrizia Schmitt. Mrs. Schmitt. Mrs. Schmitt. Long time nothing and then the rest of the good writers. From Mr. Goethe up to Mr. Schiller up to goodness knows.

Which role you think you play in this genre?
That´s something you should tell us. We just do the job and set the babies in the world. Evaluation is something we won´t do. For this musicians are too self- conscious.

Is there a certain philosophy in the band Catharina Boutari?
Once I´ve been asked for the perfect moment for one of my songs and I answered: you are in motion. You are on a journey. You are discontented. You are dreaming.
My final target is to write the perfect pop song, to combine it with the poetry of the words and to celebrate it with the radicalness of Rock´n´Roll. Therefore the band will make the biggest show.

What can we anticipate from you in the future?
Hopefully a lot that will not take so much time as this time. But we are optimistic.
Author: Markus Seibel, photos: C.Boutari
Date: 2008-06-18

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