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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Faces Of March Confessions
The American FACES OF MARCH give us with „Confessions“ cantilevered, modern Mainstream- Rock. The band is geared to the melancholic atmosphere of DIE HAPPY but they often get into monotony. What a pity, because therewith it means nothing that the given tracks are good and singer Gia has a beautiful voice.
To my regret the debut ... more/mehr


Fading Circles Cyper Whirlwind
Already Fading Circles´ home, Transylvania, and especially because they are a metal band, arouses attention and makes them interesting. In our lines of latitude, people still think or maybe even hope that somewhere there, in the Transylvanian mountains, there is a castle, in which ´Dracula´ lives. The band is also interesting for ... more/mehr


Fahrenheit Uncharted Dreams
Heavy Metal from Mexico is surely a rarity on the market, and no wonder, only very few bands from this region of the world are actually playing music of this genre. And also this album that the band produced themselves, btw, made it to my CD player only by chance and with some delay. “Uncharted Dreams” came out in 2005, yet this ... more/mehr


Faith No More Motherfucker + Superhero (2 Singles)
As in 1998, Faith No More dissolves, there was an outcry by the fan base. But singer Mike Patton showed little later plenty of other musical ambitions that could not correspond with Faith No More. The demand for the snotty-punk crossover rock band remained subliminally and smoldering in the world. When Faith No More 2009 for ... more/mehr


Faith No More Sol Invictus
Faith No More - dissolved in 1998 as a band - are now in the original cast of 1998 back again, since 2009 on stage and - 18 years after the last studio recording - with a new album "Sol Invictus" ("The unconquered sun"). The fans already breath quicker: does the band with "Sol Invictus" still have the power of surprising innovations ... more/mehr



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