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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Anterior This Age Of Silence
Those youngsters from Wales give their impressive debut with „This Age Of Silence“. ANTERIOR offer here even less compromise than e. g. Trivium, who could easily be quoted in comparison. And the band offers a lot of variation, too. I am totally blown away by this record and confirms my opinion, that Metalblade has a good nose for ... more/mehr


Anthemon Kadavreski
Progressive fans watch out! In the meantime 4th Album of Anthemon will enthusiasm all those Fates Warning and Dream Theater followers who don´t dislike harder Material. 4 songs in almost 44 minutes speaks for itself but the first track of 23 minutes is incredible. Divided into 5 different parts covers all what makes the heart of ... more/mehr


Anthrax Anthems
Hearing that Anthrax came up with a new album got me all excited, but when I saw the track list, I was a bit shocked. “Anthems” is a compilation of classic hard rock tracks from the 70´s, performed by one of the pioneers of thrash -strange, I know, but it works.

One problem I have with Anthrax is Mr. Belladonna; the testicle-squeezing ... more/mehr


Anti-Doctrine, The A World Wide Elite And Its Downfall
Metalcore is quite popular nowadays. Any child will have noticed that by now. So it's not very surprising that more and more bands go into this genre. The same goes for The Anti-Doctrine. You have to give them credit for their approach, which is much more metal than that of their (mostly American) colleagues. Compared to their American ... more/mehr


Antichrisis Cantara Anachoreta
Gloomy. Heavy. Already the evil cover design introduces that it´s no music for the happy sunshine hour. Gothic metal from Germany mixed with pagan- and doom metal and decorated with middle-aged tunes as with melodic influences of Celtic folk. The mystical, dark artwork of the visually nice made double-CD leads continuously also through ... more/mehr



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