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Audrey Horne
Audrey Horne are considered to be one of the biggest musical surprises in the last years. While their guitar players Ice Dale and Thomas Tofthagen are known from their engangement in Black Metal bands like Enslaved, SAHG and I, vocalist Toschie and drummer Kjetil Greve are more or less undescribed musicians. But surprisingly the ... more/mehr


Audrey Horne Youngblood
It always gets me nervous when a band, which produced incredible, records makes a new one, but thank Chuck Norris, everything went well. If it works, I tend to play it over and over again to see how durable it is and to test my girlfriendīs nerves. This time it lasted three rounds for three days.

There is a definite difference ... more/mehr


Augury Concealed
Augury are Frankocanadians who play technical-melodic Death-Metal of absolutely top quality. The bandīs repertoire has many surprises.

Femme Fatale Arianne Fleury fascinates with vocal lines that remind of Diamanda Galas, her congenial partner Patrick Loisel growls that your stomach turns. But only naming these two musicians ... more/mehr


Austrian Death Machine Total Brutal
Behind AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE we find an hommage to – you might guess! – the Austrian Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also salutes us in comic style from the front cover. But in addition to some ``original`` comments by Mister Universe himself, this album has much more to offer.
First of all, there is an absolutely crushing ... more/mehr


Autumn Summerīs End
It was inevitable. After the latest successes of Evanescence and Nightwish, who entered the highest ranks in Europes hit lists, now everybody and his brother starts to sign even the crappiest band as long as there`s a girl behind the microphone trying to hit some notes. Well, Autmn are not too bad as far as their technical abilities ... more/mehr



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