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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Bullet For My Valentine Bullet For My Valentine
On their debut album, the Welsh formation come up with a presently populair mixture in a new constellation. A proper amount of classic heavy metal guitars and a good dose of emocore. With ‚Curses’ they go in a melodic and melancholy direction and with ‚No Control’ they present a very headstrong mixture of hardcore and (melodic) death ... more/mehr


Bunkur Nullify
After having had quite a hard time trying to figure out the almost cryptic writing on the CD to find out bandname and album title, I found myself being enlightened: Bunkur, who have just released their latest album "Nullify". (just on the margin: it´s nice to see some different type of fonts in a booklet, or even on the promo flyer, ... more/mehr


Buried Time Innocence Gone
The quartet from Bochum, founded 1998, released already their fifth album with this one, and all those of their own making. The musical potential cannot be the reason why they have not found a record company yet. So they did it themselves...

The style is difficult to explain, besides Metal Riffs and complex arrangements ... more/mehr


Burn Rock Royale
The Swedish band Burn -which should not me mixed up with the Germans from Münster- coughed up their debut "Rock Royale" in 2010 and now it ended up in my boom-box. The Gothenburg band exists since 2007 and toured a lot in 2009 with their EP "A Real Rock and Roll Band". "Rock Royale" is a solid Hard Rock album with sometimes punkish, ... more/mehr


Burning Skies Creed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption
On their third album the Brits from BURNING SKIES pummel themselves through a brutal mix of grindcore, death metal and (American) extreme metal. Some shorter, more quiet pieces offer short breaks to take a deep breath before they once again launch into the next kick in the teeth. Worshippers of brutal music should be more than happy ... more/mehr



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