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Blind Manīs Gun / 5th Avenue / Chalice Hamburg
The KNUST in Hamburg was notorious in ancient time for its "Engtanzfeten" (close-dance-parties). They turned naturally to rather cozy and cuddly meetings. But in the early 90s also on harder gaits were droven: The Metal Mondays; Monday to Monday with three bands for a small entrance fee. The Knust owner remembered at these no longer ... more/mehr


Bloodhound Gang | Electric Eel Shock Hamburg
When the boys from Electric Eel Shock entered the stage the crowd was relatively calm. It’s the same old thing: the first support band has just left the stage and the people thirst for the main act; all the harder for the guys to warm up the crowd but you couldn’t notice anything of that kind with the Shockers.

With ... more/mehr


Blutengel / Adam Pratteln
follows soon! the ed. ... more/mehr


Boy Sets Fire | Kenzari’s Middle Kata Regensburg
Regensburg isnīt quite known for having hip US Emo bands playing there. Boy Set Fire tried it and surely didnīt regret it. The Kulturspeicher, a huge venue that might hold 1000 people, was filled half to three-quarters which was quite good.

Still the German openers Kenzariīs Middle Kata (whose name BSF-Sänger ... more/mehr


Boy Sets Fire | Tribute To Nothing Dortmund
Like every concert in Dortmundīs Soundgarden, also this concert caused a long queue in front of the club. One of the last ones featuring this name, because the place changes to Toxic. Hopefully itīs just the name that changes, because this club is one of the last in Dortmund for smaller gigs with about 1000 people.

The ... more/mehr



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