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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Clutch Blast Tyrant
To categorize this band is not easy. The best description might be a mixture between Doom Metal and straight, grounded Rock.

Weighty and distort it is going towards and right in your ears. I like especially the tight and fat sound. Partly, they remind me of early Monster Magnet. The last song besides comes up with a hidden ... more/mehr


Coalfield, The Vamonos Loco
... more/mehr


Cockroach The Observer
Cockroach are basically a German underground band playing straight Old-School-Thrash. And pretty skillfully and ambitiously, and this is what their songs sound like. Clearly a much better Thrash underground production because also the sound is outstanding. Forces behind that might have been Ami-Thrashers like Slayer and Testament ... more/mehr


code Respledent Grotesque
code are breathing Black Metal, they know it by heart, they live it. But what they are doing on their new record is more than we know as Black Metal. This is not only screaming guitars, piercing screams and atmospheric keyboards. Instead, the Englishmen use moderate riffs, acoustic guitars and changing vocals.
In general, I ... more/mehr


Codeon On My Side
From the new Finnish label Dies Irae who have a certain hit with the band Steep comes this five song EP by trash/death band Codeon. Finland seems to have an endless supply of metal guitar players who just live for showing of their techniques. “On My Side” is to me just an endless stream of fast guitar patterns that eventually just ... more/mehr



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