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Death Before Dishonor Better Ways To Die
Where other bands take the blinkers off, DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR take them on. At “Better Ways To Die” not a single step on the sidewalk is taken. DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR do what the name promises, so they try to do everything to make heavy music without taking a breath. They serve us Metalcore in the vein of AGNOSTIC FRONT. And it works ... more/mehr


Death By Dawn One Hand One Food... And A Lot Of Teeth
The former Pestilence frontman returns with his new band Death By Dawn which offers a mix of well-played punk, thrash and death metal. There is no hidding of influences here as each member brings something to the table to make this sound as true as possible. Even though nothing new is being played or said here and the only things ... more/mehr


Death By Stereo Death For Life
With "Death For Life" Death By Stereo presents one of the mst solid and therefore best record that have so far been released this year. It's almost scary how much singer Efrem Schultz's melodic singing resembles Killswitch Engage front man Howard Jones', but it's hard to say who was more inspired by ... more/mehr


Death Destruction Death Destruction
Once again the fair land of Gothenburg, Sweden has blessed the true believers of Metal with a fresh band, Death Destruction. The band consists of musicians from various bands (Evergrey, Hammerfall and Dead By April), which are of varying genres and the mix of all of the sounds is quite refreshing. The band members themselves describe ... more/mehr


Death Mechanism Mass Slavery
If you only consider the riffs then it would be very easy to file DEATH MECHANISM under death metal. But there´s more to the trio than riffing and thus their music altogether is just too soft and singer/guitarist Pozza doesn´t sound like that typical DM singer at all.

DEATH MECHANISM are, by no means, simply straight out ... more/mehr



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