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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Deathstars / Marionette Pratteln
Honestly I wasn´t really excited about this concert, because last time the band was pretty bad, due to bad sound and a fog-effect overdose – I even thought „that´s it“. And now only a Best Of album is out, I had definitely preferred to hold a brand new one in my hands. But still I wanted to find out if last time was the exception ... more/mehr


Deathstars | Stoneman Hamburg
The translation follows soon! The editors ... more/mehr


Deftones / Coheed and Cambria Cologne
In part two of our new series „we actually only came to see the support band but, alright, since we’re already here, let’s check out the main band as well“ we, this time, encounter Coheed and Cambria (support) and the Deftones (main act) in Cologne. I had some doubts before the gig whether these two would really fit together. Cause ... more/mehr


Defuse / Mind Of Doll Helsinki
If you really want to risk leaving your home on a Friday 13, you better have a good reason. A gig with Mind Of Doll and Defuse seemed to be a good argument, though, to have a visit at Tavastia´s little brother, the Semifinal Club.

At arrival the venue was already crammed and the atmosphere was just exactly right for a proper ... more/mehr


Defuse / Rain Helsinki
It´s quite rare that an Italian band comes that high up North, especially during such rough winter weather, when at the same time it´s + 27 C in Bologna. Rain impressed with great sound and 80s Metal mixing elements of Maiden/Priest and lotsa party, and singer Francesco´s voice even reminds of Bruce Dickinson. The Finns were ... more/mehr



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