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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Elvenking Red Silent Tides
“Red Silent Tides” is the sixth album of this band that was founded in 1997. After the acoustic album „Two Tragedy Poets and a Caravan of weird Figures“ released in 2008, it was once again time for a CD with their typical sophistication and ear candy potential. The second track „The Last Hour“ is already pretty irresistible, you ... more/mehr


Elvenking The Pagan Manifesto
Elvenking have been around for 17 years and, up until now, they released seven albums. Despite this impressive biography, I hadn´t heard anything about the band. Could it be because of their clichéd name? So, “The Pagan Manifesto” is the first album from the Italians that I have listened to and I must say that they are doing quite ... more/mehr


Eläkeläiset Humppasirkus
Eläkeläiset is definitely a great party band live. Anyone who´s ever had the opportunity to witness one of their shows has to agree. But if the joke works on your home stereo is arguable. Well, it does… Once! Sure it´s fun to check out what songs the crazy Finns have decided to cover and what they´ve done with them, but unless you´ve ... more/mehr


Emerald Sun Metal Dome
Throughout the last years, Emerald Sun have become esteemed members of the Greek Metal elite. Metal Dome is the band´s third album. Their sound is somewhere between Metal and Power Metal and Stelios´ voice is often accompanied by vocal choirs - maybe to cover up the fact that he is not the best singer. He might reach pretty high ... more/mehr


Emergency Gate Nightly Ray
The only thing setting this modern/nu-metal slightly apart are the elements used. At times the voice resembles Metallica or White Zombie with hook lines and melodies often heard in 80´s hair metal or some of today´s power metal bands. The production is wise, not bad for a modern sound but if the singer was actually singing and not ... more/mehr



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