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Goods, The same
Rock is everything! Whether Punk, classic, a bit heavier or from the garage: Everything is possible as long as it kicks ass! This could be the philosophy of The Goods. Those four Dutchmen grew to be a unit in the years of their existence and release a very remarkable debut album. Good and heavy rhythms meet nicely formulated tunes. ... more/mehr


Goon Moon Lickers Last Leg
Known as Twiggy Ramirez from Marilyn Manson, now playing in A Perfect Circle and Nine Inch Nails, Jeordie White presents - together with Chris Goss (Masters of Reality) - his new band, that offers a lot to the listener - except Industrial Metal. Some light hints towards APC maybe, but this band, labeled "folk" by White himself, won't ... more/mehr


Goreaphobia Mortal Repulsion
Well well well......according to the product info GOREAPHOBIA are truly the next American sensation and will soon become a big name in the music business. Oh yeah? For sure the fivesome´s death/black metal is not bad, it´s actually really solid but Scandinavian death metal slowly becomes like the beard of both ZZ Top musicians together, ... more/mehr


Gorefest Rise To Ruin
Since the Dutch Death Metal veterans had their comeback two years ago with "La Muerte", it was clear that they started a new chapter in the band´s history. The new album "Rise To Ruin" contains all elements that are typical for the band: Merciless heavy riffs, the monsttrous voice of Jan-Chris De Koeijer, blastbeats, but still there ... more/mehr


Gorilla Monsoon Extermination Hammer
Gorilla Monsoon are playing a timeless mixture of Hard Rock, Punk and Rock `n Roll. Whether you like this mixture or not one thing is for sure: their live performances really kick ass! But now it is time for them to have a short break from touring to record their second full-length album: “Extermination Hammer”. Once again they composed ... more/mehr



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