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Helldone Festival 2007 Helsinki
Helsinki, New Year Eve 2007/08. Finally we`re back again! For the hotels and bars a blessing and curse in one, because - abiding by a since the late 90s existing tradition - the craziest HIM-fans gather in the Finnish capital city Helsinki every year around new years eve, in order to at least once in a lifetime join the crowd at ... more/mehr


Helldone Festival 2012 Helsinki
The traditional and legendary New Year´s Eve concert of HIM at Tavastia, later named Helldone-Festival, has returned in 2012 after a break as 4-day event with HIM and The Skreppers as support, plus different opening acts. The first evening it was Face of God, on Dec 30 it will be Jericho Fuzz and on 31st Sleep Of Monsters who enter ... more/mehr


Helldone Festival 2014 Helsinki
It was 20 years ago that HIM played their first ever gig on New Year´s Eve, still known then as His Infernal Majesty, at Semifinal, where they had to witness their equipment failing them spectacularly. It took them another couple of years to enter Tavastia, Helsinki´s legendary rock venue. 15 years ago that HIM played their first ... more/mehr


Helloween Festival 2006 Helsinki
Again it´s Helloween, night of monsters and ghosts, and where to enjoy it most? Exactly, in Hel(l)sinki, where monsters day for day, year for year walk in open daylight. And what kind of Helloween Festival without Monster? This is why the organizers invited this year Finnhen Monsterrockers Lordi as Headliners to guarantee shorcking ... more/mehr


Helsinki Burlesque Festival Helsinki
So my cheesecakes and sweethearts, cherries and sailors, now you can come out of your polka-dot closets and feathers-lined boudoirs, put your polished pumps on and gel that fringe, and rush-rush-rush quickly out – witness the rise of burlesque (best known through Marilyn Manson´s ex, stunning Dita Von Teese) – it has reached Helsinki ... more/mehr



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