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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Laibach Helsinki
During last year, Laibach overlooked Helsinki and deprived us here of their concert, having gone to St Petersburg instead. On the bright side, it gave us hope that when they do come back (and soon!) it will be unforgettable.

So then when the concert was announced and the information came that this show won´t be like any ... more/mehr


Last CareZ Köln
Sometimes one simply has luck and is present at the stage debut of an previously unknown band who reveals to be a masterpiece. I´m speaking here of Last CareZ at a „rock against Nazis“ event. The five boys from Cologne affectionately call their musical direction "Lovemetal".

Front man Pierre gives full energy right from ... more/mehr


Leaves Eyes / Midnattsol / 69 Chambers Pratteln
Concerts that appeal to me have become rare here nowadays. Either it´s too far away where bands play and you cannot get back home because of those “brilliant” train connections, or bands to not visit Switzerland at all. But luckily there´s Z7 club, although you might notice it´s “same procedure as every year” billing-wise; still ... more/mehr


Leningrad Cowboys Hamburg
The Finns stormed the Markthalle in Hamburg with their trademark hairstyle and shoes as well as a new album, Buena Vodka Social Club. We managed to squeeze in an interview with the band and you can read it here soon.



Lingua Mortis Orchestra feat. Rage / Orden Ogan Oberhausen
The Lingua Mortis Orchestra, which actually consists of Rage-bandmembers and some additional musicians, released their ambitious ``LMO`` a short time ago. They have already played some shows on major summer festivals like WOA. Now they are making a mini tour (2 dates until now, more should follow later this year). But maybe the timing ... more/mehr



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