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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Modern Day Citizen From The Shell
Modern Day Citizen isn’t a very old band, but they’ve already raised attention in Finnish band competition Radio Rock Starba in 2010 and received air time on several radio stations. Now they’ve got a freshly released debut album out, full of solid rock that they and their listeners can count on.
The current line up of MDC has ... more/mehr


Modern Life is War Midnight in America
I had never thought that Hardcore Punk could be mentioned with the adjectives “melodic” or “catchy” in the same sentence, or even be described with those. But this is exactly how Modern Life Is War from Iowa, USA , sound on their third output – a wild mix of aggression, anger, rough and heavy riffs, but still spiced with groove and ... more/mehr


MoFlow Bananen sind auch nur Menschen
Two questions: What do the banana with rock music? And "Bananas are also only human" - is it a comedy? Well, the blonde girl on the beautifully designed comic cover shows us in a thought bubble her bananas thoughts, above her the kissing couple, under her the bitten banana – alright, got it, it´s all about rock`n´roll, baby. And ... more/mehr


Mollo/Martin The Third Cage
In the last few years, Dario Mollo made himself an internationally known name in the Heavy Metal Scene as a songwriter and producer. Through his collaboration with artists like Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple) and Graham Bonnet (ex-Rainbow) in projects like Electric Zoo and Voodoo Hill, he showed that he has the needful know-how to ... more/mehr


Molly Hatchet Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge
I’m still pretty thrilled about the fact that Molly Hatched not only succeeded in replacing original singer Danny Joe Brown but even found an equally skilled vocalist with Phil MacCormack. With the exception of the average “Kingdom XII” these southern knights released only great albums. As one might expect, “Warriors Of The Rainbow ... more/mehr



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