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My Name is Music Revolution
Phoebe Hall and Niki Altmann not only make music they are music, judging by their band name. So you can assume that there is a lot of passion in their work. The album was a challenge for me at first because it is not your everyday pop album but you can find a lot of different and interesting arrangements on it, which I couldn´t put ... more/mehr


My Name is Music We are Terrorists
We Are Terrorists is the second album by My Name Is Music, the project of Phoebe Hall and Niki Altmann. Already after their debut album the duo from Vienna was compared to genre big names like The White Stripes and the Ting Tings and thus achieved successes in Germany, Austria and even in the UK and the US. For all those who don´t ... more/mehr


My Name Is Music Super Acceleration
Electronic Pop is not really my cup of tea, so I was a bit skeptical about listening to the third album of duo “My Name Is Music”. True to my expectations the first sounds of “Super Acceleration” are way too electronic for my taste and somehow remind me of the 80ies. But what is this? With “My Favourite Drug” the album suddenly starts ... more/mehr


My New Zoo A.I.D.A.
This strikes the same nerves as The Hives did, except this is a bit mellower, a bit softer. Both bands produce fun sounds, but The Hives just makes it in a more aggressive tone. The sound here is like The Hives had a child with Weezer.

This is quite a good album. The quick, erratic comps keep the audience awake and ... more/mehr


My Own Sense The Quality Of Deserving Love & Trust
After the original cast, made up of drummer Martin Hentschel, bassist Ansgar Baumann and guitar-player Torsten Wollbaum, was completed in 2003 with singer Michèle Keller, the quartet now offers its first album.

Unfortunately it becomes quite obvious that it is the first full length record of the four. It sounds partly horribly ... more/mehr



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