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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Naked Idol Filthy Fairies
„Filthy Fairies“ is the very first five-song EP from Naked Idol. That´s unusual, considering the fact that band is around since 2009 and already had a few successes in their home country, Finland. The opening track of the record even managed to score 13th place in the Finnish iTunes Rock Music charts and reached spot nine in other ... more/mehr


Nale Ghost Road Blues
„Ghost Road Blues“ is the debut record of the Swedish band Nale, which will be released as Limited Vinyl and digital download only. I honestly admit that I am happy about the Demo on a CD because I am neither a collector of Vinyl nor a friend of this digital stuff. One thing I can promise, though, those who have listened to this ... more/mehr


Nashville Pussy Get Some!
As the name suggests already, Nashville Pussy are totally into Country music – NOT! Of course not. And as „Get Some!“ isn´t their first output, the first statement might have been surprising for some people. Business as usual, Jack Daniel´s drips from every note, guitars sound dirtier than early AC/DC stuff, and the vocals sound ... more/mehr


Nasic, Sandra Fever
Saying it right away, the solo material of Sandra Nasic has not much to do with the old band Guano Apes. Only a few heavy riffs or Rock beats remind of good old times, the opening sequence of ”Big City” might be deceiving... The German singer used the chance to experiment with her voice a bit more, to cross-over Alternative and Nu-Metal ... more/mehr


Nasic, Sandra The Signal
As mentioned in the review of the “Fever” single, the solo material of Sandra Nasic has almost nothing to do with her old band Guano Apes. Only a few heavy riffs or Rock beats remind of good old times, like the rocking opener “Old Shack”. Otherwise the 80s and dancefloor sounds dominate, in the style of Neue Deutsche Welle, Electro ... more/mehr



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