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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Pointers Head Fireplug Hysteria
Pointers Head play pretty predictable heavy metal that doesn`t raise too much enthusiasm. This combined with the lousy production on the album Fireplug Hysteria, makes it sound like a demo tape David Geffen threw away in the late 80`s.

I don`t really know what to say about Pointers Head. Judging buy the cover-art I thought ... more/mehr


Poly Styrene Generation Indigo
The older ones among you might still remember. In the end of the 70s, a brand new musical genre and lifestyle emerged in the UK, experts call it Punk. One of the bands that put their mark on the growing scene were the X-Ray Spex. Their trademarks: Singer Poly Styrene and a saxophone. After only one album, Germfree Adolescents from ... more/mehr


Pompei Nights Rather Die Than Livin` In Boundaries
Looking at Pompei Nights from the Swedish capital Stockholm you immediately see that the `whole package` is just outstanding: The unique "Nicke Andersson meets Sleaze Rock" sound, the perfect Sleaze look... Oh, no, wait: Joey Eden (Vocals), Matt Cosby (Guitar), Olli Cox (Guitar), Rob Cole (Bass) and Devlin (Drums) don`t want to have ... more/mehr


Pompeii nothing happens for a reason
When I listened to the Opener of this debut record, I was like: Wow - seems like Mogwai is playing (not the electro combo). But when the vocal part starts on the second track, I got bored. The singer has the voice of every IndieBand singer. It is too thin and destroys the good arrangements and the really beautiful melodies and harmonies.
I ... more/mehr


Poodles, The Metal Will Stand Tall
The translation follows soon! The editors ... more/mehr



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