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Rose Tattoo Black-Eyed Bruiser (Single)
The translation follows soon! The editors ... more/mehr


Rotted, The Get dead or die trying
It is the year 1997. Some British youngsters are about to found one of the most extreme metal bands of the whole empire. Their sound contains Grindcore, Death Metal and Punk. Their lyrics contain murder, death and horror. Their name is Gorerotted. Nowadays, 11 years later, the guys have become older. Older and wiser. They are no ... more/mehr


Routa Sielu Pimeys
Routa Sielu is a new band, or rather project of a well-known Finnish musician. This is the latest project of the Finnish pendant to the Swedish workaholic Peter Tägtgren – right, itīs the project of multitalent and jack-of-all-trades Tuomas Saukkonen (Before The Dawn, Black Sun Aeon...just to name two of his other bands).
As ... more/mehr


Royal Hunt Show How to Live
Royal Hunt had a few line-up changes since their formation in 1989, especially the singers never really stayed for a long time in the band. And also for their new record Show How to Live, they decided to give the vocals to someone new. Not to someone totally new but to one of their old singers, DC Cooper, who was in the band from ... more/mehr


Royal Talons - same -
You simply hate the world, all humanity and yourself - well, thatīs the right soundtrack for this feeling. Sinister Sludge/Doom that immediately creates images in your head - of a swamp with evil greenish mists - if something can be alive there, no mater if flora or fauna, itīs definitely a strange mutation...

The opening ... more/mehr



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