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Warganism Centipede
This act from Romania, formerly known as Dies Irae, changed name and style, now sounding much more like a band from Scandinavia: a mix of Melodic Death, Thrash & Goth and a touch melancholy. And a bit of Folk - as if Amorphis and Children Of Bodom made music together - or Before The Dawn brutal, without Lars... therefore people ... more/mehr


Warstorm Goatspell
Warstorm is a quite young band from Italy that so far has released only a 3-track demo. The band – rather unusual for their age - plays old school Thrash Metal. Although the information sheet from the record label enlists Lamb of God and Pantera as references, the sound of the five guys reminds me more of very early Metallica - in ... more/mehr


Wasara Kaiken Kauniin Loppu
Five Finns recorded this debut album of Wasara. You can hear typical heavy and melancholic Metal. The texts are exclusively in Finnish which makes the album more interesting and the music more appealing. The sound is a bit like Sentenced (just listen to "Kivisade" and "Osa Minua", itīs worth it) but also a bit like Silentium. Itīs ... more/mehr


Wasted Shells The Collector
With some bands, it is like with recreational drugs: one wants to avoid them but sooner or later one comes into contact with them in some way or another. Thatīs also how it is with Thrash Metal bands: one wants to avoid them but, again and again, another band appears out of nowhere. Seriously now! In the case of Wasted Shells, it ... more/mehr


Watch Me Bleed Souldrinker
You must have retained lots of aggression to release such an album, unbelievable! The Germans WATCH ME BLEED show with „Souldrinker“ a pretty brutal full length album that leaves you beraved of all your senses. At first nothing indicates the apocalypse. The opener has atmosphere, sounds calming and then becomes pulverised by the ... more/mehr



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