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Arms to Amen
Fresh Act December 2010

Germany’s next Top…..Metal Band, we found them, Arms to Amen. Four passionate musicians have been working together for a whole year to form a band that you will surely hear about more in the future. Guitarist and vocalist Kensington tells us more about it.

Who are you? Please introduce every band member with some character traits, spleens etc
Friedi Weber, vocals, guitar and singalongwriter.
Timo Schneider, bearded drummer and cymbal-thrasher.
Daniel Seifert, stage hog, vocals and guitar
Gregor Frischko, bass, full-body-tattooed and family man
Tell us about Arms to Amen, which kind of music you are making and why you formed the band?
We play Heavy Metal, and because we were into spending time in a rehearsal room with fellow musicians and to do some song writing.
It began two years ago when Friedi and Timo started the band as a project. Then me and Gregor joined, and with the MySpace website and the recording of the first song N.O.V.A., the whole thing was named and has been existing as Arms to Amen since about June 2009.
Where have you been playing before you came together in this band?
Friedi played in Deadsoil and Since the Day, he was the vocalist and played guitar.
Gregor played Bass with Obscenity and Sarx.
Timo and me were before in Sencirow and I´ve also played guitar with Sarx for 7 years.
As Gregor is busy at the moment with conservator master schooling, therefore we have Soti helping out on bass now. His band Sinew doesn´t mind to lend him out for a couple of upcoming gigs (laughs)
Why did you choose the band name Arms to Amen?
That was Friedi´s idea. He liked the sound of those words, and if somebody starts looking for a CD in the shelf, you start at A, right??? It is also a wordplay, let´s see who can figure it out. A is also the first letter in the alphabet, and this band is also a new beginning for us.

Can you tell us something about your musical development and why you have chosen the instrument that you are playing now?
I have started with music education even before elementary school and began playing drums when I was 10 years old. But when a buddy played AC/DC Thunderstruck on guitar, I wanted to be able to do the same and therefore started my guitarist career with 16. Moreover, I hoped that as singer and guitar player I get most of the girls … grin...

You are looking for a label, how would you introduce yourself in order to raise interest?
Yes, we are looking for a label. We would be glad if we could find a small but nice label that also takes care of us. We have experience with a bigger label, where very often you are just a small fish in the pool and just swim along with the others. In my opinion it is more and more difficult to get into the business. But we will continue searching, and you know: hope springs eternal.
Who are your musical idols, your most important musical influences?  
I have no musical idols or influences. That would just be a limitation. I try to look beyond my own nose and to listen to other music. There are so many good musicians. The only influences are perhaps the bands that you grew up with, because earlier you had so much more time to spend with Lps or CDs (slouching on the couch or bed with the booklet and listening to the new Dio album, reading all the lyrics, too). Those are surely the same bands that many other people like, too: Metallica, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Motörhead etc.
Do you have something like a band philosophy? 
No, nothing I would be aware of.

How does your song writing process work? What are you trying to achieve when you write a song? What are your lyrics about? 
The songs are all written by Friedi. He writes them all at home, and then hands them over to Timo, and when he has some plans for the drumming we work on it together in the rehearsal room. Then we find out if we have to change something about that song or not. But the songs are then about 98% finished. The lyrics are about personal experience and things you want to communicate, e.g.
Changes is about old friendships that have dissipated. Times change and you should accept such things, because you cannot retain everything. When you are capable to let go, you have more energy and power to look into the future and start new projects.

Can you tell some anecdotes from your band life?
There is still not much to tell, up to now we have played only 4 shows, so much is still ahead of us. But we had a lot of fun together, and I think after our first tour we might have some anecdotes to tell. On youtube you can watch 2 videos of us, and you might be able to guess that there is some clown in the hiding. Therefore, the Metal community can get ready for Arms to Amen.
What is planned in the near future? Any chances to see you live?
We are writing new songs and want to play as many shows as possible. Unfortunately there are no more concerts planned right now, but we hope this is going to change soon. We are heading towards recording our first album and perhaps then we will have a chance to land a support deal. We ourselves are curious about it.

Your last words to STALKER readers...
As mentioned, check us out on Youtube and visit our MySpace site. We appreciate any comment. And I want to thank everybody supporting us so far, and we are looking forward to all the people who will come to our shows and who like our music. We´ll have a beer together, promised...
Thank you for the interview and good luck!

More information about Arms to Amen : http://www.myspace.com/armstoamen

Author: Sandy Mahrer, transl. K.Weber, photos: Arms to Amen
Date: 2010-12-01

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