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Muddy Bones
STALKERs Fresh Act July 2012

The band Muddy Bones raised some extra attention, when lead guitarist Mr. Jones arrived too late to his own gig at the "Kumpulan Kyläjuhlat". After this show, the four guys from Finland`s capital Helsinki told STALKER a little bit about the influences on their Blues Rock`n`Roll à la Hanoi Rocks and Caroline, their current search for a new bass player and why school doesn`t rock...

Hello and thank you for taking some time for this interview. For the beginning, would you like to introduce yourselves?
Pete Waters: Oh, yeah! I`m Pete Waters. I sing and I play the harmonica.
Aladar: I`m Aladar and I play the guitar.
Mr. Jones: I`m Mr. Jones. I play the lead guitar and I do some backing vocals.
Joe: I`m Joe. I play the drums.

And you are actually five guys in the band, so who and where is the bass player?
Pete Waters: Samuli Haavisto. He is an old friend of the band. He actually plays guitar so he is just the temporary bassist in Muddy Bones.

What happened to Dave Lindholm, the former bass player of Muddy Bones?
Pete Waters: He had some personal issues and didn`t want to be in the band anymore.

Did you have other line-up changes in the past?
Muddy Bones: No, we are all originals!

How has everything started with Muddy Bones? The band was founded in early summer 2011...?
Mr. Jones: Yeah, Pete and I and Dave had a band called "Tragic Gunns", and Aladar and Joe...
Aladar: Don`t mention the name! [grins]
Mr. Jones: [grins] They had a band, too. Let`s not talk about the name.

Slimey Greenback! [Laughter]
Pete Waters: You`re well informed!
Mr. Jones: Well, yeah, our band broke up and their band broke up and so we somehow got together...
Aladar: Dave was the one who brought us together.
Pete Waters: We had seen each other before but we didn`t know each other that well, and Dave kind of put us together.
Mr. Jones: After the breakup of Tragic Gunns, Dave was the one who talked all the time about having a new band. And he was the one who chose us.
Pete Waters: And it worked really well.
The other band members: Yeah!

Who came up with the band name?
Pete Waters: It was me.
Aladar: And you came up with that name about a year before the band was even born...
Pete Waters: Yeah, I wanted to have a kind of a side project when I was still in Tragic Gunns. I was pretty fed up with Tragic Gunns and I wanted to start a new project, with Joe on the drums and so on. But it never happened and later on when we all got together and had to get a name, I had it already ready - "Muddy Bones".

In Tragic Gunns, there were also some band members of Sinner`s Gin, right?
Pete Waters: Yeah, Johnny Christer and Lany London. But Lany quit the whole thing and then he was replaced by Mr. Jones. Tragic Gunns were founded in February 2009 and broke up in summer 2011. Too many people with different kind of visions about the band, in musical and other respects...

But the band profiles on myspace, facebook and twitter are still online...
Pete Waters: Yeah, we just didn`t want to remove them...
Mr. Jones: It`s for the memories.
Pete Waters: And we don`t want to wipe out our history.

Back to Sinner`s Gin: Just recently, you played a cover version with them, Pete...
Pete Waters: Yeah, I sang one song with them; "Motorvatin`" by Hanoi Rocks. I was pretty drunk and it felt like a good idea... Which it was!

So it was a spontaneous idea that you joined them on stage?
Pete Waters: Yeah, it was.

Hanoi Rocks obviously have some influence on you and are mentioned as one of your role models, next to The Rolling Stones, New York Dolls, Muddy Waters, Howlin` Wolf, AC/DC, Ramones, Dogs D` Amour and Tehosekoitin. How about Caroline? Your sound reminds me pretty much of them as well...
Joe: Great band. They have great songs.
Mr. Jones: We played together a few times.
Aladar: Some bar gigs and also in Estonia last summer.
Mr. Jones: But in Estonia, it didn`t work out as well as we thought.
Pete Waters: We went there, with Caroline, but the gig`s manager screwed us.
Mr. Jones: She still owes us money!
Pete Waters: The gig in Estonia actually never took place but we played with Caroline a few times in some bars.

When did you start to play gigs in general?
Mr. Jones: Right after we came together in June 2011. We had a few rehearsals...
Aladar: … within three weeks, and then we played our first gig...
Pete Waters: … in July...
Mr. Jones: …at "Torvi" in Lahti.
Aladar: One of the best gigs!
Pete Waters: We had a mini tour. A few gigs in a few days.
Mr. Jones: Five days.

You started to play gigs by havin` a mini tour right away?
Muddy Bones: Yeah!

Not bad. May I ask how old you are?
Pete Waters: I`m 21.
Aladar: 18.
Mr. Jones: 18.
Joe: I`m 17.

The reason why I ask about your age is that I realised that you often play in youth centres instead of the "regular" night life, so I was wondering if your age is the reason for that...
Mr. Jones: No, no. Actually, we mostly play in clubs, bars and pubs, especially in the summertime, when the youth centres are closed. But mainly because of the bass player issue, we recently played in youth clubs only.

Are you currently looking for a new bass player?
Mr. Jones: Yeah, we have a few candidates...
Pete Waters: Let`s hope we`ll soon find a new official bass player because we want to play as many gigs as possible.
Aladar: Yeah, that`s our main goal at the moment.
Mr. Jones: Apart from that, we are writing some new material at the moment.
Aladar: And next month, we are going to the studio to record.
Pete Waters: So far, we recorded one EP in the studio. But we have never released it in the physical way. Only on the internet.
Aladar: On facebook, youtube and so on.
Mr. Jones: There might be a physical release in the future - but we`ll see about that...

How does the process of songwriting look like?
Mr. Jones: It`s mainly Pete who writes the lyrics and comes up with the base of the songs, and then we compose and arrange the songs together as a band.

Where do you find the inspiration for the lyrics?
Pete Waters: From life. Unfortunately.
Aladar: Everyday life.

Talking about everyday life: Are you doing anything else beside the music?
Aladar: This summer, I`ll start to work at the "Gloria" youth centre. Taking care of the sound and stuff...
Joe: I`m going to vocational school.
Mr. Jones: I`m going to school but we`ll see for how long...
Pete Waters: It goes really well! [grins]
Mr. Jones: Yeah... [yawns] I`m not really interested in school...
Pete Waters: I had a job but I got fired. Telephone marketing; it wasn`t for me. Now, I`ll rather be poor than dead or insane...

"Dead, Jail Or Rock`n`Roll" - Are these your "Famous last words"?
Pete Waters: Our "Famous last words"? Come and see us!
Aladar: Have fun! Enjoy the summer!

Website of Muddy Bones: http://www.facebook.com/muddybones

Author: Stefanie Singh Photos by Stefanie Singh / Muddy Bones
Date: 2012-07-01

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