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Human Debris
Fresh Act March 2013

The Hamburg-based band "Human Debris" consists of Seb (guitar/vocals), Flo (bass), Ken (drums) and Dan (Guitar). STALKER.cd discovered this band through our old fresh act of the month, Confession by Silence, in which Dan was in. With their sociocritical texts and their own sound, Human Debris have cought our attention.

Human Debris means more or less, human waste. Is your band name somehow connected to your lyrics, a certain kind of background or did you simply choose this name because it sounds cool?
When the band was formed 12 years ago, we had a couple names to choose from. Before all that, we already decided to use all the human sorrows and social problems in the human nature to use for our lyrics. Those back then and nowadays are very important to us and our lives and are connected to some of us personally. That’s why we chose the name Human Debris; ‘cause we thought it would fit perfectly to those kind of backgrounds.

The old school influence in your music is pretty obvious and here and there I had to think of Amon Amarth while listening to your record, even though you used unspecific elements for this kind of genre -like clean vocals and acoustic guitars. Did you choose Amon Amarth as your influence on purpose or was it a natural process in your song writing?
I have to say that this style of music has grown a lot over the years. Human Debris tries to constantly evolve, be open to new influences and to not stand on the same spot. The music and the songs that emotionally touch us, the lyrics that make us think, the inspiration we collected over all the years throughout different styles of music, plus the experiences we all collected are being put into our song writing. Now and then, we hear a lot of things, like our music sounds like In Flames, Disillusion, Opeth and Amon Amarth, plus certain folk, prog and classical heavy metal elements.

By coincidence, I met your bass player, Flo, at the Hamburg central station and he put a flyer of your band in my hand, which I personally thought was cool. So, do you guys think it’s still important to invest into traditional promotion ways like printing flyers, instead of just only using the internet, like 99% of nowadays musicians, ‘cause its cheaper and more effective? Do you like to invest in this kind of promotion or is it a necessary way of doing it?
Flo indeed is an absolute pioneer in doing those things when comes down to the rest of us and he’s not too shy to get in contact with strangers -which is fantastic! He often talks to people he thinks that could like our music -he puts flyers, stickers, buttons etc. in their hands. Everyone in the band has the "mission" to get people in touch with our music every time we have a chance to do so. Especially for this cause, we invested a lot of money and created promotional stuff like flyers and stickers as diversely as it gets. To get those out and get in touch and stay in peoples mind -something people remember- is our intention. We made a lot of great experiences and that’s why we still use both sides of promotion, the old school way and of course the internet.

What was your motivation to form a band, especially in times of the internet where even most metal acts talk about probably not releasing CD´s any more, cause there’s no more sense in it ? Even in touring, the trend is going to massive band packages in touring. What’s your motivation?
The band exists since our school time (2001). Even back then we often discussed the new forming trends and evolutions in heavy metal, and of course listened to it. We realized fast, that just listening to the music isn’t enough for us any more. We most certainly decided to do it as our heroes did, and formed a band. For us, the most important thing, back then and today, is our friendship, musical desire, the chance to live and use our ideas and dreams, to put it into our music. The creativity to make music and the love for music, to entertain the people and most importantly the result: A record we can be proud of, and the following live shows! We drain energy out of that and in the end, it’s a gift to us. The real hard work that we put into writing a record, does indeed tire us. But after all, it brings us joy, but our goal is be on stage to finally perform the new material. We definitely see ourselves as a live band. We feel good to be on stage and there we can soak up and see a direct feedback when it comes to our work. But before all of that joy, first comes the hard work.

Is your goal to someday earn money with your music, or is the desire for music the main reason to write quality music?
We´re definitely looking forward in achieving our goals, and we´re looking straight ahead to that. The primary goal is to have fun, write quality music and enjoy our desire for music. The creativity to make music and the love for music. That’s our therapy in life: We set ourselves high goals, even in our creative process. When we´re happy with our work at the end of the day, we´ve done everything right, I think. Apart from that, we wish to entertain other people with our work, and hope that our music has stuck with them. We like to invest money and time in our project. If we´re allowed to one day earn money with all that, we would be happy about that of course -it would be a nice side effect ... before that, there are a few other important steps. The money is not our primary goal.

Check the review of Human Debris debut album here!

The band´s website is: www.humandebris.de.

Author: Dennis Kathmann, photos: Human Debris
Date: 2013-02-28

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