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The Uprising
Fresh Act December 2013

As the end of the year is approaching, 2013 will be history very soon. At the end of year, we would like to introduce to you once again a band from Switzerland. The Uprising delivers Death Metal at its finest. See for yourself and visit the band’s website sometime. But first, Thöny, Andi, Filipe, Alex and Joel will introduce themselves here.

Hi folks! First of all, could you please introduce the band, who are you?
Thöny We are a five-man band from the Thurgau region in Switzerland and we have been active in the metal scene for about ten years now. The band consists of the following members: Filipe Gordilho (guitars, backing vocals), Alex Bertschi (guitars), André Thöny (bass, backing vocals), Joel Miserez (drums) and Andreas Sager (vocals). This line-up has been fixed since November 2011.

What kind of music do you play and what differentiates you from other bands of this genre?
Andi Our basic music style is melodic Death Metal. But we do have many influences from Thrash, Core and Djent, which gives our music a special touch. However, it is not important to us to create a completely new music style; we want to remain true to our music and to ourselves.

The Uprising was already founded in 2003, however, under a different name. How did the foundation of the band take place?
Thöny The band was founded by the brothers Filipe and Andy Gordilho. Later on, I joined the band and after that, Alex Bertschi joined. Since it was difficult to find a suitable drummer, we played in our songs with a drum computer at first. After a very long time, we found our long-missed drummer in Joel Miserez. In 2011, we parted ways with Andy Gordilho. That same year, Andi Sager became our new front man.

You have played with this line-up since 2011, earlier there were continuous changes. How difficult is it to find suitable fellow musicians in Switzerland?
Thöny The level of difficulty of finding suitable musicians depends on the instrument. It is more likely to find a [good] guitar player than to find a good drummer. Moreover, it is not only about expertise, but also about the ensemble playing and the functioning within the band. We can say we are lucky that we have such different musicians in the band, yet all of them harmonize with one another.

When looking you up on the Internet, I came across several bands named The Uprising. Have you been aware that there are other bands sharing the same name?
Thöny Yes, we have but we don’t care. Since there was and is no band named The Uprising that is known on an international level or touring worldwide, at least as far as we are aware.

Recently you released your debut album “Fear the Truth”. Who was responsible for the song writing? Was this done in teamwork?
Andi Filipe often writes the basic instrumental concepts whereas I write the lyrics. However, everyone brings in their own style and ideas and together we develop the songs to their completion.

Did you record this album on your own? Were you in a studio or how did you do it?
Andi A friend of ours from the band “Roman Friedrich” (www.facebook.com/HammerstrikeSounds) is a qualified sound engineer and he came to our rehearsal place to record with us, and to mix and to master the material. No record companies, sponsors or a management were involved.

It comes to ears repeatedly that bands from Switzerland find it more difficult to get gigs in their home country and abroad. What do you think about that?
Andi I invest many hours to search for organizers and locations and for the inquiries. Unfortunately, it is almost common not to receive even a response. I find it very difficult indeed to get gigs on a regular basis.

In your mind, what should to be changed in the Swiss music scene or in the music scene in general?
Andi In my mind, the metal scene in Switzerland is very vibrant and really heating up. Nevertheless, among the listeners, there is almost an aversion for underground bands, which I find is a pity because in Switzerland alone are countless genuine talents.

Are you looking for a record label or do you prefer the “do-it-yourself” method?
Andi We are looking for a suitable record company. Since we haven’t got a deal yet, we still need to rely on our own organizational skills ;-)

What would the ideal record company look like, and what should it do for you?
Lots of promotion and the provision of organizers and a management through the record label would be crucial.

How does the perfect concert venue look like to you? Where in Switzerland would you like to play sometime?
Andi For me, the perfect concert would take place at Z-7 along with metal giants such as Amon Amarth, White Chapel and Dying Fetus.

Where do you see yourselves in ten years from now?
Thöny I would say that the opinions and goals of the band members might differ somewhat from one another. We are constantly trying to play as many concerts as possible and to apply to organizers and record labels. The second album is already in the planning stage; no dates have been set up yet and one or two tracks are still missing but we are on a good path.
Andi There is no scope yet for the near future. However, if I look into the future in a dreamlike way, we will be on tour with one or another highly respected band and we can earn money with our music ;-)

If there are people who will now be more interested in your band, where do they get more information about you and where can they buy your album?
Andi You will find information about the band on our homepage www.theuprisingmetal.com and on our Facebook and Google+ page. Furthermore, you can buy the album and shirts and tank tops (camouflaged advertising ;-) ) from our homepage or you can download the songs from www.theuprising.bandcamp.com at a low cost. Any possible inquiries may be sent to andi@theuprisingmetal.com.

Thank you very much for taking your time and all the best!

More info at: www.theuprisingmetal.com

Author: Sandy Mahrer, Fotos: Band
Date: 2013-12-01

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