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Call me Peter
Fresh Act January 2014

Four guys, a weird band name and a lavish portion of Rock, that´s Call me Peter from Schönenwerd, located in the beautiful Swiss Kanton Solothurn. Those four have devoted their lives to Hard Rock, and you will surely be impressed by what you hear. They proved their talent with their 2 self-released demos, still David, Scudii, Ramon and Ben display some rock star attitude when answering the questions of our first Fresh Act interview in 2014.

Hello there, could you first introduce the band, who are you and who is Peter?
Hello Sandy! Call Me Peter are four guys, and those are David Urben (Vocals/Guitar), Andrea „Scudii“ Scuderi (Lead Guitar), Ramon Bartley (Bass/Vocals) and last but not least Ben Renold (Drums). Who is Peter? Good question… Peter is this little voice inside who tells us to consummate lots of alcohol, to have sex, to listen to music which is loud and even louder, summing up: it´s the little devil everyone of us is carrying inside.

How did you come up with the name Call me Peter?
Four guys, lotsa beer and very important: a mouldy dark cellar we only recently called „band room“. And by the way: according to Wikipedia this is English and means in German language: „Sag mir Peter“.

Which kind of music are you creating and what is your trade mark distinguishing you from other bands in that genre?
[(Guitar)2 x Bass] / Drums + 2Vocals = Rock
At school we all were the outsiders. But times change.

You celebrated your debut release on Oct 19, 2013 – how was it?
Awesome! Great atmosphere, great fans, sexy women, a unique show and loud bands!

You all are looking quite young, so how old are you actually? And how did you end up making music?
Thanks for the compliment, but a real rock star does not give away his age! All together we are 87, therefore we should consider thinking about retirement...
Before we tried our luck in sports, but we 4 would still be lacking 7 people for a professional football team …

Call Me Peter has been existing for a couple of years, but until last October you have not played any shows for a whole year, what was the reason for that?
18 or 21 weeks holidays … (including a recovery period)

Which bands are your inspiration? Do you share the same taste in music or is the mixture doing the trick?
From A like Aerosmith to Z like ZZ-Top. The mixture does the trick. You can compare it with Whisky: Everybody of us likes it, but everybody of us in a different way. ;)

You recently released your EP „Call Me Peter“ - who was responsible for the song writing? Is it teamwork?
In most cases one of us hysterically busts in the door of the rehearsal room and tells us from his idea, which is afterwards made reality in teamwork.

Have you recorded the entire album by yourselves? Have you been recording at a studio? Or how did you do it?
Correct. We could rent the equipment we needed for the recording and settled down in our own familial studio, which is owned by our drummer Ben. Yet we managed to record only the drums and bass there, because of the weather or better: because we were worried about the flood (the room is right beside the river Aare) ・ so we went to our rehearsal room, set up a studio and recorded the guitars and vocals there. The biggest part of the mixing was done in Switzerland, one was mixed in the USA and one in Australia ・ long story ;)

You always get to hear that bands from Switzerland have some trouble to get gigs, in their home country as well as abroad. What is your opinion about it?
We can only confirm that. We have experienced ourselves, that it is very difficult to get gigs without getting some support by a label or from somewhere in the music biz. There are many young and talented bands, therefore it is difficult to gain a profile.

What should be changed in the Swiss music scene, or the music scene as such, in your opinion?
Because of the fact that more and more music gets downloaded for free, everybody involved in such a production lose a lot of money. The labels can therefore no longer invest into „No NameBands“ and rather choose to take the safe path, which is a pity.

Are you looking for a label or do you prefer the do-it-yourself-method?
Sure, who wouldn´t.

What should the ideal label for you look like and what should they do for you?
They should be trusting us, accept us the way we are and support us in terms of marketing/promotion.

What is the perfect concert venue for you? And at which venue in Switzerland would you like to play?
Fullhouse, great atmosphere, a good team on location, and a very important issue: good food ;) And the other question is easy: Hallenstadion.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?
Well, we´ll see.

When people are now interested in your band, where do they get more information and where can they get the album?
Infos can be found at www.callmepeter.ch
Music can be found at mx3.ch.
Videos at Youtube.
Faces at Facebook.
Pornos at Youporn… where else?

Many thanks for your time and good luck!
We thank you! Rock On!

Author: Sandy Mahrer Photos:Band
Date: 2014-01-01

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