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Fresh Act March 2014

There is more than just Death and Thrash bands in Switzerland – the evidence is being provided by the four gentlemen from HighHEELS. Their recipe is Hard Rock with a kick, which shall help the band – that has existed since 2006 - to make it to the top. Their debut album “HighHEELS”, which was released last year, was recorded independently. You’ll learn more about the band in this month’s “Fresh Act” interview.

Hello everyone! First of all, could you please introduce the band, who are you?
We are Chris (vocals, guitars), Andy (guitars), Toby (bass, vocals) and Flavio (drums). We come from Herzogenbuchsee in the canton of Bern.

What kind of music do you play and what differentiates you from other bands of this genre?
We play modern Guitar Rock with the most expensive guitars, the most amazing amps and the coolest drums that are available on the market… What else is there to say? Oh and, we also play well!

You’ve been around since 2006. How did the foundation of the band take place?
We just wanted to make music.

Last summer, you released your debut album “HighHEELS”. Who was responsible for the songwriting? Do you do this in teamwork?
All of us were involved in the songwriting process. Mostly, one of us brings an idea for the rehearsals, which we will be then working on. It also happens that someone brings along a complete song, and together we will be putting on the last final touches.

Did you record this album on your own or were you in a studio?
We recorded it with Deezl Imhof from the Foolpark Recording Studio in Lucerne. It was a great collaboration. He knew exactly what we wanted and therefore was able to implement our ideas very well.

Which of your previously released songs describes your band best and why?
I don’t think that it’s possible to describe a band with one song. We are the whole package. You can find Hard Rock songs on the album, two ballads as well as Classic Rock songs.

For your gig in Burgdorf, you shot a pretty funny promo video (http://youtu.be/Y_YdNFZl3zc ). How long did it take until the video was finally in the box?
Yes, that was a funny story. During our rehearsals, we decided spontaneously to film a few scenes for about half an hour. We then merged these scenes using primitive methods. The concert in Burgdorf was the finale of the Strongman Contest. On this day, various weights, such as cars, were being lifted. We figured we could move a car. Therefore, we made the video.

Are you planning on shooting a video for one of your songs?
Yes, at the moment we are collaborating with the Ascona World Cup Racing Team. We wrote a song about racing cars, which we are going to record in the studio in the near future. We are planning to shoot a clip for this one. We’re not going to reveal anything more about it yet. We will keep you posted on www.facebook.com/highheelsmusic.

It comes to ears repeatedly that bands from Switzerland have difficulties getting gigs in their home country and abroad. What do you think about that?
We think that this mainly depends on the music style. At the moment, Indie bands are in. They are being played on the radio non-stop. That is why we rockers don’t have it easy. We would probably have better chances abroad. The rock business is just bigger there. We have already had airplay abroad. For instance in England, Italy, Spain and even Alaska. We were very pleased about that.

In your mind, what should to be changed in the Swiss music scene or in the music scene in general?
The Swiss music scene should be more promoted on the radio. Especially in the rock genre. Nothing is happening there!

Are you looking for a record label or do you prefer the “do-it-yourself” method?
At the moment, we are on our own. We send out inquiries ourselves. However, we are looking for a record label or a booking agency.

What would your ideal record company look like, and what should it do for you?
About 1.70 m tall, long blonde hair, and long legs; just like on the cover of our debut album.

How does the perfect concert venue look like to you? Where in Switzerland would you like to play sometime?
We would like to open for an international act at a hip club. May it be at Bierhübli Bern, at Volkshaus Zürich, at Komplex 457 or at X-Tra. This would be pretty cool. The audience there might like our music.

Where do you see yourselves in five years from now? What are your plans for this year?
We don’t know where we will be in five years from now. We will surely stay on the ball and continue working on new songs. Maybe we’ll also enter the studio again and produce a second album.
What we are hoping for this year is to play some more shows. This is what we enjoy the most. This is the reason why we make music together. It’s just a great feeling to be on stage and to perform your own songs. Furthermore, we are going to make a music video and write new songs, of course.

If there are people out there who will now be more interested in your band, where do they get more information about you and where can they buy your album?
They can find more information at www.highheelsmusic.ch, www.facebook.com/highheelsmusic or at www.mx3.ch/artist/highheels.
You can get our album via our homepage or our Facebook page. Just send us a message and we will send you a copy.
The album is also available on the following links:
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ch/album/highheels/id666482285
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/highheels
Author: Sandy Mahrer, transl. A.Venho, photos: Band
Date: 2014-03-01

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