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Solid Metal work from Germany, now available on a self released album ``Syptoms Of A Serious Defect`` (see review ) . But let´s simply give the guys the floor ...

Please introduce yourselves – who are you, where are you from and what are you doing besides music?
Godcomplex: Hi there! We are Godcomplex from the area Düsseldorf-Mönchengladbach, Germany. Micha is our shouter/frontmann, Erik and Lars torture six stringers. Rob creates a hefty basis on the bass. Flo beats the drums and Tom gets crazy at the keyboard. Besides our big hobby music we earn our living with pretty „normal“ jobs. Some of us also have a family or are on the best way to create one. Which means we are pretty down-to-earth and young-at-heart guys who simply love Metal and have a lot of fun making music in their spare time!

When and why did you create Godcomplex?
Godcomplex: We have been good friends for many years and have also played together in various other bands. At some point we simply felt like doing something again, together. An evening together having some beers was enough – and bingo, GodComplex was born.

What are your biggest musical influences?
Micha: It is not possible for me to point out a single artist/band/album, because in the late 80s / early 90s featured so many great releases of more extreme Metal.Basically you could say that Death, Black and Thrash of the early 90s were very influential for me and I still like that sound!

Lars: Musically I was influenced by the early Metallica, in the beginning. Not much later the heavier style of Metal was added. All this left its mark, also when it comes to my style of playing.

Tom: As my musical taste has a relatively wide range, I cannot answer this question in a few words. But essential landmarks were definitely classical music, symphonic Black- and Doom Metal of the 90s and 2000 as well as Hardrock dinosaurs like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple.

How do you handle the song writing? Do you have a mastermind or is it teamwork?
Godcomplex: Usually Erik and/or Lars introduce ideas which are developed further by the whole band, until we have a complete song. We have our own specific sensors that need to be „triggered“, in order to feel that the song is complete.

The sound of your debut album ``Syptoms Of A Serious Defect`` covers a range of styles, I can hear for example Thrash Metal, Black Metal and Death Metal. Which scene/genre is the one you feel being part of?
Godcomplex: In our opinion we do not fit into a particular genre. But this is what they all say, don´t they?! We do not desperately try to mix all these styles. If we belong to a scene or a genre, it is definitelythe Metal scene in general .

You released ``Symptoms Of A Serious Defect`` without label support. How did you plan this album production – especially when it comes to the financial aspects?
Godcomplex: We wrote the suitable number of songs first and tested them all in a live situation. When we had enough material, the more difficult question was, in which studio we should record it. After a while we discovered the Big-Easy Studio owned by Michael ‚Freio‘ Haas in Hennef. Cool guy, great atmosphere and a great result. Freio has become a real good friend – we can recommend this studio a 100%! We produced the album ourselves, therefore we financed everything from our own pockets.

Does the album have a concept or a leitmotif?
Godcomplex: Yes, it is 100% GodComplex! Exactly that what we support a 100% and what we passionately do 

What are your plans and goals with the band in the upcoming years?
Godcomplex: All in all we want to further realise our common musical visions, and we intend to play live as often as we can. Because this is why we do this all. We love to be on stage. And if there are occasions to play at festivals, we really enjoy being part of that – because then we surely have a party 
A label could perhaps help to spread our music over the world. Knowing that other people like the stuff we are creating, is the icing on the cake and makes us proud.

Finally, is there something else you would like to share with our readers?
Micha: People out there, buy vinyls and Cds, visit shows – also those in small clubs, and support your local scene / your local artists!! Horns up!!

Lars: Support your local scene. It becomes more and more difficult, because there is this rising number of real good bands, however, there are not many more opportunities to play live – on the contrary! Go and see shows! And when you buy a CD now and then, you surely make musicians happy!

Tom: I can just concur with my friends here. The scene would be nothing without you in front of the stage! Support the Metal-Underground by visiting concerts and buying a CD now and then (please don´t just go for the free downloads), so that bands without labels and other support can continue in the future with the thing we all like in the secne: crunchy Metal in all kinds of styles!


Author: Timo Päßler, transl. K.Weber, photos: band, Thomas-Berger-Media
Date: 2014-06-01

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