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STALKERs Fresh Act - Oktober / November 2006

Right in the centre of the so-called Bible Belt in Vennesla, Southern Norway, Rock rules – as we could discover this year at the „Straight Out Of Vennesla“ festival. A few bands from this talent pool we have already presented to you (The Laundry, Second Shadow etc.). Today we would like to introduce INCHI.

Those newcomers play a punky Alternative Rock with a pretty unique touch, following the motto: the more recent, the more brutal. We had already heard a new song at the festival, „Kill Your Idol“, that sounded like a hit. Those three guys are pretty famous in their hometown but never made it out of southern Norway. Therefore we had to check out the charismatic frontman Dagfinn Bjelland, usually just called D, and drummer Jon Eirik.

What does the name INCHI mean?
D: This is our well-kept secret.

Please describe your own style in your own words.
D: No. Terrorizer once called us „Emotional Death Rock“, Metal Hammer UK called us Post Hardcore, Aftenposten (one of the biggest newspapers in Norway) called us Adventure Metal…

Right, so what are your musical roots and influences?
Jon:In my case it´s mainly Progressive Rock. Two drummers who are important for my development are also Mike Portnoy, Dream Theater, and Brad Wilk, Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave.

When did you discover your passion for music?
Jon:My case is pretty much the same as everybody else´s, I grew up with music because I have a very musical family, so it was very natural that I started very early with playing music.

Your latest song „Kill Your Idol“ is really fierce. What´s the background of that song? Do you want people to be more independent?
D: Yes, that song is a butt-kick for all those Idol concepts, worshipping stars and all that crap. This song has a clear message. This was also the reason why it didn´t make it to the album because all the other songs are rather very personal. It is very important to me to be honest. Every word should have a meaning – not just being phrases.

Do you have some kind of musical or private Idol? A role model?
D: There are some people I really respect but I would not call them idols or role models.
Jon: My brother taught me to play the drums, and I owe him a lot. And there is also a long list of drummers who I really like.

You live here in the quite quiet Norwegian Bible Belt. What does religion mean to you?
Jon:I am a Christian, and religion means a lot to me.
D:For me religion stands for war and intolerance. God did not create any religion.

D, at the festival „Straight Out Of Vennesla“ you had a show once with INCHI and next day another one with „Relationship Of Command“… but still it was also INCHI. I am confused. Can you please explain the whole thing, why you appear on stage with the same band, the same songs and go by two different names?
D: Kjaert barn har mange navn. (Eh? The editors)

If you could do time travel, which era would you choose and why?
D: I would like to travel back to those days when Vikings ruled, and do a tour through Ireland.
Jon: 1960-70 because I could witness the climax of Progressive Rock. That could be great!

Would you return to the year 2006?
D:I would return to the first half of that year, a lot of positive energy then.
Jon: Maybe, maybe not.

Can you be seen live also outside of Norway?
D: Not yet.

And your album will be out in Norway only?
D:Yes, but it can be ordered also via our website. We will send it anywhere, of course.

Thank you for the nterview!
D: Takk selv!

Website of the band: http://www.inchimusic.com
Recent release: "A New Departure"

Review of the recent release hier.
Author: Samira Alinto, Photos: Caroline Traitler & hfr., translation: Klaudia Weber
Date: 2006-10-05

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