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Empty Dreams
STALKERs Fresh Act - May 2007

The band name refers to the difficulties being Metal musicians, especially when you are living in a place named Transylvania, Romania. Despite this well-known legendary inhabitant of this area (you know what I mean...), not much is known about bands from this country. Therefore STALKER proudly presents Empty Dreams, who have just released their new “Solar Waltz” demo, now also available as download. Let´s just have the guys and the girl introduce themselves!

Who are you? Please introduce all band members with all their
characteristics, spleens etc.

We are Empty Dreams, a Metal band from a small town (Reghin) in the heart of Transylvania.
Line-up: Emese Kiss – keyboard/vocals, I studied classic piano when I was a kid. Then I started playing the keyboard.
Trebor – guitar/vocals. My hobbies besides guitar playing are motorcycles, movies and PC
Levente Schindler – bass, I´m the youngest member of the band, also the new guy J I play bass and my hobby is aero modelling.
Tibor Türke – drums. I collect everything with my favourite band: Iron Maiden (‘till now I have 109 CD/DVD/LP´s)
What kind of music do you play?
Emese: I can´t really think of a fitting category…we play some sort of a Melodic Metal…we call it Transylvanian Melodic Metal. What do you think?
What is the Rock/Metal scene in Transylvania like? Is it very difficult for such bands in Romania?
Tibor: Before the fall of the Iron Curtain it was almost non-existent, but things started moving lately in the underground. And yes, it´s difficult.

Who do you want to reach, or what do you want to achieve with your music?
Emese: I don´t have a particular audience in mind (except Metalheads  J ) when I write a song, it just comes out the way it does. That´s it. If people like it, great, if they don´t then there´s nothing I can do…

How did it all begin?
Tibor: I did, with a good old mate of mine: Csaba Kellner (ex-guitar), early in 1998. The first line-up didn´t last very long, but finally in the year 2000 the band came to life, we played some shows and in 2001 we won in the Metal category at Consteletii Rock festival. In 2002 the line-up changed again but lasted only until summer. Then it took four years to rebuild the band with this current line-up.
Who are your musical idols, what are your most important musical

Emese: I listen to all sorts of Metal, from Heavy to Doom. Melodies make me tick mostlyJ. I´m trying not to be influenced by other bands too much, in order to create something original. I don´t have a certain idol in the Metal scene.
Trebor: My favourite band is Kalapacs, and my favourite artist is Steve Vai.
Levente: My idol is Cliff Burton.
Tibor: My idol is Steve Harris (God of Heavy Metal J ), because of his attitude and consequence to build that Heavy Metal monster called Iron Maiden, and of course Nicko McBrain because of his brilliant drum playing skills. 
Who writes the music /lyrics, or are all in the band responsible?
Emese: The songs are primarily made on keyboard and guitar; the other arrangements are made afterwards. Trebor and I do the music part and the lyrics are done by 3 of us: Trebor, Tibor and I.
Tibor: My English is far from being perfect, so if I have an idea for lyrics I talk to Emese about it and let her do the rest, she is far more talented in this area then I am.
What do you do if you are not in the band (studying, working)?
Emese: Studying to be a dental technician.
Trebor: Working in IT.
Levente: I´m in my senior year in high school.
Tibor: Unfortunately workingJ, I´m a dental technician and I hate my job from the bottom of my heart! (Every day the same people, the same place, the same routine)

Create a slogan for your band!
Emese: I believe in my dreams! If we didn´t believe in what we do then what´s the point doing it?
Are you sometimes fed up with all those Vampire clichés when people hear where you are from?
Tibor: Oh yeah! (Hollywood rules the world…) Don´t believe everything you see in the movies J By the way: all members of the band are Hungarians by nationality (and damn proud of it J). Sad and long story for us… You know.. Transylvania was a part of Hungary…World Wars…and then the Trianon Treaty gave it to Romania as a gift…
Would you sell your soul to the Devil to become famous?
Emese: If I believed in the Devil I would, haha J
Trebor: Yeah! Haha J
Levente: Yes! J
Tibor: I wouldn´t! (Even if he seems to be a cool guy…I mean a rebel, like Metalheads are). It´s more rewarding to achieve something on your own, even if it´s harder to make it happen.
What would you pick if you had to choose between sex, drugs and

Emese: Rock´n´Roll!
Trebor: Rock´n´Roll!
Levente: Sex & Rock´n´Roll!
Tibor: Sex & ‘Roll! Music (Metal) is the best drug!
What is your dream, where does your motivation come from?
Emese: Music is my way to escape from the world; I truly enjoy playing keyboard and songwriting. That´s why I´m doing it. It´s my dream!
Tibor: I´m superstitious regarding my dreams, so I´m not telling!
Motivation is to create something that´s my own.

What will you do if you don´t get to have a career in music business?
All of us would do what we are doing now, jobs, school, etc. But we´re not giving up easily!
What was the most exciting/the most disappointing moment in your band history?
Emese: The birth of a new song! Those are the most exciting moments! I can´t really name a disappointing moment…
Tibor: For me the most exciting moments are in the rehearsal room, whenever a new song is made!
The most disappointing moment was when the commercial version of the song “Lost” was recorded without my consent back in 2002…Then I decided not to continue that way, I preferred to end the band´s activity. Anyway, it´s a long and boring story…The important thing is that we are back, with a new line-up, with common goals and without disagreements regarding our musical genre!
What was the most absurd thing that happened to you?
This hasn´t happened yet! J
What happened during your best/your worst live show?
Emese: Audience makes a live show good or bad, and the sound engineer of courseJ.  Not hearing the drums or my voice on stage is a nightmare! That would definitely turn out as an awful performance!
Tibor: During a live show, thanks to the audience´s euphoric reaction, I was able to sing while playing drums, even though my voice resembles Nicko McBrains´ vocal performance on the “No More Lies” EP, haha. The worst: every show where I have to play on a shitty drum-kit.
If your song is to be used as soundtrack for a panty liners commercial, would you agree?
The guys: Yes, if they would let us dress/undress the girls while making the commercial!
Which song are you most proud of, and why?
Emese: I´m satisfied with the way all our songs are put together.
Tibor: From the new ones: “End Of My Dreams”, because the lyrics are quite personal, and I think the melodic line goes perfectly with the words.
What do you think is cool/totally sucks about being a musician?
Emese: I feel great whenever I play, that´s why it´s cool to be a musician, I can´t think of anything that sucks, maybe the fact that it´s time consuming.
Tibor: Sightseeing, travelling to places where I normally wouldn´t go if we didn´t have a gig there. What sucks is: We´re not making a living out of music, so being a musician means sacrificing a lot of free time.

Would you participate in Eurovision or Idols contest?
Which band would you enjoy touring with?
Emese: There are too many great bands with which I´d enjoy touring with. I´d settle for any band from Finland, the Metal scene is incredible there.
Tibor: Iron Maiden! That is very unlikely to happen J and Nightwish! We actually met them after a show in Bucharest and they seemed like pretty cool guys!
Levente: Metallica!
What do you plan in the near future?
Emese: Gigs on Summer Festivals in Romania, maybe a few ones in Hungary, and looking for a record deal!

The official band website: www.emptydreams.ro
E-mail: emptydreams_band@yahoo.com

Author: Klaudia Weber, photos: Empty Dreams
Date: 2007-04-30

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