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STALKERs Fresh Act - February 2008

If you always wanted to know what´s really going on in the deepest deeps of Paris then look no further. Aesthesia, who with their debut album “Serious Conspiracy” already knocked our STALKER reviewer off her feet, know everything about it and tell us how they want to fight their way out of the dark catacombs of the City of Love to the very top. But don´t worry their safety is guaranteed thanks to the well-hatted but scantily dressed security staff…

Salut et comment ça va? [Hi and how are you?] That´s almost all I remember from my French lessons
Wooow!! Ca va très bien merci!! [I feel great, thanks!!] You speak French very well!

Who are you anyway? Could you introduce yourself shortly?
Well… I´m Nico Marlyn, the lead singer of a Hard Rock n´ Roll band called AESTHESIA. The band is composed of Julien Gatter on lead guitar, Voodoo on rhythm guitar, Dim Obolensky on the bass and Mike Marcia on the drums.

Who is the “security” staff on your myspace page?
Since the beginning, with our maxi “Take It As A Last Chance Ride”, we´ve got some pin ups who wear, like, musketeer hats (it´s our French touch, ha ha ). This “security staff” are the pin ups who appear in the booklet of the album and inside our video clip of “Cold Case” - they were there (in the video) for our security. All the staff was supposed to appear inside the video clip, but it was too big a work to do with the cartoons. Anyway, they should appear for real in a next video clip…

You got your album “Serious Conspiracy” out last year. What´s that “conspiracy” about?
Well, it means the way we wrote the songs in our cellars to show the band in the shabby clubs in the deeps of Paris, where no one took us seriously and the hard way it was to finance the album in order to exist. It means the way we did everything by ourselves in order to rise with this band. Yeah, that is like a conspiracy the band was living until this album. It is illustrated in the comic in the booklet of the album where our driver (“Cold Case”…), the skeleton “Doctor Serious”, – his name is from a song of us “Don´t Take Me Serious” – awakes us from the graves in the catacombs of Paris. It´s the metaphor of this conspiracy.

Who´s writing the songs; music and lyrics?
Mostly, the writing of a song begins with an idea for a riff, from me [Julien] or Voodoo, but it´s possible that all the riffs are written first and only afterwards, during the rehearsal with the other guys the song will be completed with lyrics, backing vocals, bridge......and of course: the guitar solo!!!! It often happens that different parts of a song are written by different members. For the lyrics, Nico used to co-write some with our last bassist, Ox Comrol (Hungry Dog, Snazzy Side), but he writes the main part of the lyrics but also other members can contribute to the vocals. The same thing goes for the melody.

What´s your inspiration?
Everyday life, our city, our stories, our feelings, our dirty streets, the deeps of the city of lights, people we hate, people we love, people we know, friends, all of the songs are influenced by true stories…

How did it all start with the band?
A few years ago, Julien and I created a band with three other musicians, we made some gigs, but in 2003, we decided to split and to restart a real Rock n´ Roll band: here´s AESTHESIA!

What are you doing besides the music?
Personally, I´m doing little jobs and drawing illustrations to earn my life.

Have you already found a label in the meantime?
In fact, we had several proposals from distributor labels. But we were not satisfied with these suggestions. We´re looking for a label which could submit to us a contract that includes some booking and advertising for the band.

How difficult is it to record an album without the support of a label?
Well, very hard. Especially when you have got no money and you have to find some for the recording of an entire album. But that´s the way it is if you want to exist. We have the faith in ourselves so… I think we should have put in our “Special Thanks” to all of those who tried to fuck us financially. But it´s often the same old song in this business. But now, AESTHESIA, it´s like a locomotive we have built with our own hands, and now the train is launched….

Are you flattered about comparisons to bands like Guns´n´Roses or Mötley Crüe? Do you even pursue the same lifestyle?
You know, when Lars Ulrich heard “Appetite for Destruction” for the first time, he thought it was the new Aerosmith album. When Aerosmith began to play gigs, they were compared to the “US Rolling Stones”. Jocke Berg from Hardcore Superstar doesn´t hide his influence from Steven Tyler´s voice so, no, we accept this comparison and we are flattered. These bands are prestigious. But, for sure, we know we have got our own identity. And if the comparison can be done with these bands…everything we are listening to influences us.
For the lifestyle, well, it´s not a basic way we are trying to pursue in order to do the same as these bands… But we are a band of rock n´ roll. It means we live with chaos. But I think we drink more wine than our American colleagues, and we are not prowling on Hollywood Boulevard, but in the deeps of Paris…

If you had to decide between sex, drugs and rock´n´roll, what would you pick?
Well, I don´t know… Rock n´ roll without sex, it´s like Paris without the Eiffel Tower… I would pick sex and rock n´ roll…

For a French band to sing in English seems to me quite unusual. Is it accepted in your home country? Would the French language even work with your kind of music?
Hmmm, well, unusual, you may be right. In our country, the French language is, of course, very important.. But, in my opinion, it´s doesn´t work at all with real Rock n´ Roll music. Accepted? In fact, we don´t care. When we arrive on stage, and when the audience watches the show, we say “fuck it, it´s like this”. You can hate, or you can love our language, we don´t mind, that´s our identity. Well that´s rock n´ roll.

How´s the hard rock scene in France anyway?
Not very large… In fact, in France, every music production is done for variety, pop and rap songs. Anyway when we go on stage in North, East or in Brittany (West of France), there, people are supporting us like nowhere else, so, I think the Hard Rock scene is just waiting to be woken up for bands who play real rock n´ roll, and not those usual tasteless fakes. Some other rock n´ roll bands begin to rise, too. But to be honest, our first goal is not France but foreign countries for the moment.

There aren´t too many French bands known outside their home country, how do you want to change that?
The first time we played in a foreign country was in Munich, at the New Backstage in 2005. And there, people we´re really enthusiastic with the band. It was fucking great! We have got many friends in Germany since this concert. And we believe we can bring hell to every country we go. Before System of a Down, who thought that an Armenian band could be so famous?

How are your live shows like? What´s for you the perfect gig?
Well, imagine five rock n´ roll zombies out of the Parisian rotten streets coming on stage… We play on stage with all our souls, even if there are 10 people in the audience or more, we play as if we were in front of ten thousand people every time. It´s chaos because it´s rock n´ roll… I don´t know how the perfect gig would be, every gig is different. I can say that I´m an eternally unsatisfied man, that´s why I always come on stage to make the gig as perfect as it can be, every time. Yesterday was yesterday. Every great gig is different because of the different halls, countries and audiences. That´s the magic of Rock n´ Roll… But when girls in the audience begin to show their boobs, yeah, I think we are close to “the perfect gig”!!

What happened at your worst gig?
There are many stories to tell, ha ha!!! I would choose one we made in Normandy, in the West of France, when we went on stage at three o´clock a.m. There were big troubles with drunken people in the hall. There were several shows with some fights…Chaos as usual… But we never had to stop a show for the moment, we don´t want any kids in the audience hurt, after all, people are there to have fun…

What are your ambitions with the band?
To be honest, there are no limits to our ambition. If we can go as far as we can, we will do it…

What are your plans for the future?
First of all, we have to promote “Serious Conspiracy” as much as we can with concerts, radios interviews…. We hope to find a regular contract with a label with the help of this album. And after this we will see for the second album for which we´re already preparing new songs, but it´s shouldn´t be done for a year or something like this…

Merci beaucoup et bonne chance avec le nouveau album! [Thanks a lot and good luck with the new album!] Or something…
Merci aussi pour cette interview! Best regards!!


Author: Kathleen Gransalke, photos: Aesthesia
Date: 2008-01-31

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