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STALKERs Fresh Act – August 2008

There is something mesmerizing about it, the blood and we immediately think of Vampires… and especially from Germany, how romantic! Better yet, this has nothing to do with live role-plays or silly Halloween capes. This is deep, meaningful and serious. Greifenkeil is an electro/industrial project from Germany, having released “Blood Mystery” early this May. At Wave Gotik Treffen the same month the band was present with their own booth.

The album is the first of a trilogy, exploring the blood´s powers and bring up the Queen of Blood. Moreover, the main man behind the band is a practicing shaman, so this is music to appeal on all levels, conscious and beyond. Now I can agree that topics as such are enough material for a book, which surely there will be, eventually. For now, acquaint yourself with Greifenkeil, if you dare…

How was the WGT for you? And what are you doing now?
It was good to see the reactions of the visitors to our new booth, to get in touch directly with our audience and fans. First hand feedback to our music is very important for us. At the moment we are working on and preparing our performance.

Your band first appears to be quite romantic and somehow vampiric, and then this harsh electronic sound! Is it a planned concept?!
All of this is part of Greifenkeil´s sound and image. You may call it harsh electro or whatever suitable, but it is truly PsyTrance-Industrial in fact. The vampiric implication is not unintended, but it is supposed to show a more deep level relating to our European culture.

What is the idea behind the band, does Greifenkeil have a mission you think?
I was going to write a book about this some time later… But first of all we are here to perform art, and to trigger archetypical images from our audience.

How did you originally think of creating such an unusual band?
For me this project/band is not unusual, it is natural, but apparently some people think it is so. The name as such is a translation of a title hardly pronounceable for modern tongues, let me remind you, I am a Druid.

So what is the magical trilogy you´re starting now? What is on each one of the albums?
“Blood Mystery” is the first part of the trilogy. Consequently two more parts will follow. The first part starts and introduces, the next part shows what we have got, and the third, what is about to happen…. No more for now, it is a complete story.

What was the inspiration for this album, how did you gather the ideas?
I am Druid and European. Thus these issues matter to me a lot, they are naturally the main focus, permanently.

And what will follow, what have you planned and for when? For example, will there be some concerts?
As mentioned, we are working on our performance. It is planned that in Autumn we´ll present some live performances. Other than that, we´re planning further videos.

What kind of feedback have you got so far?

Do you have already some more material written?
Our lyrics and additional material is ready for download to our registered users, from our official site. Remember, there is a download code on the backside of the CD tray. With this one can register and download material, the lyrics .PDF files for example. Apart from this, there will be further versions of some tracks available; as mp3 and upon order, as audio CDR.

What is the creative writing process for you? How do you compose?
I wait for the muse to visit me; sometimes she is quite a heavy duty, almost overwhelming, sometimes she is very impatient, sometimes almost invisible, sometimes more gentle… Often I don´t understand what she wants, and sometimes I guess I do. This way, the album came about….

What is it about blood that attracts you so much and made you even contribute a whole album to it?
A single album is not quite enough to pay tribute to the fluid which brings about our life. Blood is the mystery, and hardly anyone will be able to tell you why more then half of humankind is bleeding, and what the true purpose of such bleeding is. Scientific explanations are not really satisfying, as you know… So why am I dedicating the album to it? Because I am a servant of the queen of blood.

Who is the Queen of Blood, what is she like?
She is your mother and mine, she is the source, the beginning and end of everything. Without her, nothing would be. She is truly the only purpose…

In your bio it says that you deliver a “psycho-acoustic performance”, can you explain and describe it?
This is an acoustic drug, travel medicine for the interested audience. It works in live performance, and through regular CD media, but mp3s destroy most of this effect. It catalyzes individual memory of the archetype.

Have you heard of such things as music- (or sound-) therapy? Do you think Greifenkeil´s art can be a therapy on some level, also? Or what do you want to say with your music?
Oh yes, I am coacher with a full holistic medical training background. One part of my approaches employs psycho-acoustics to coach people, designed to trigger individuals archetypes.

This might be too philosophical, but for you, what is the meaning and the point of life?
Again, I would need to write a book to reply properly….As a musician I rather answer: Life is Life! Seriously, to find and fulfil one´s destiny, one must live happily and die in happiness also.

What would you like the future of Greifenkeil to be like, what do you wish for to happen?
A good future I hope for! Some performances, good reputation, world wide and honest audience (honest = not stealing our tracks), but first of all further Siren to add to our project as performer and ritual vocalist. That would be great!

Aren´t you worried that some listeners might misunderstand the message and actually do the blood-spilling and such things, harmful?
We do not incite people with our lyrics, if one listens properly. Apart from this is the general effect of our music, that people become more calm (they even go to sleep regularly during the CD), although our music is eerie, yet beautiful; we do not produce cold music!

Other than this band, are you also involved in any other mystic-kind of projects? Or what else do you do?
My main project is working as Coacher and Druid/Shaman, the latter is truly mystical.

And then, surely interesting for many, who is the main person behind Greifenkeil?
Guess you mean me??? Can´t say what he is about… Since he is a Druid, he doesn´t act for his purpose only, but for the Queen of Blood!

Why do you have a running counter of the cost of the war in Iraq? What´s your opinion about the situation and view on America in general?
The counter is running because I like America so much. There is nothing else I ever wanted, but to become American. Then I would be truly righteous, and look down on the rest of the world. All governments are on our side, and everyone it too helpful with our Imperialism.


Author: Marina Sidyakina, transl. Kathleen Gransalke, photos: Greifenkeil
Date: 2008-07-31

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