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STALKERs Fresh Act – December 2008

At the latest since the Swiss export hits Celtic Frost and Cataract it´s certain that Switzerland has more to offer than chocolate, mountains and great cheese. Not everyone in Switzerland plays it as soft as the guys from Gotthart. Here come the thrash newcomers Zyanide, newly hatched and only a few gigs old we put them under the microscope and thus give you the opportunity to decide the verdict yourself. At first the guys of the young band introduce themselves.

Who are you? Please introduce the band.
Timon Dolder (drums)
Philipp Dolder (keyboard)
Marko Milovanovic (lead guitar)
Marco Ambauen (bass)
Daniel Broszeit (rhythm guitar and vocals)

What kind of music are you doing?
Thrash-, speed-, heavy metal…fast, loud and heavy – that´s how it should be!

You´re still looking for a label for your album, could you tell us a bit about the new record and what you´re still missing?
The new album, which will also be our first album, is done on our own initiative, independent from external influences. We think that it´s the best for the band, when we do the production on our own and then we see how everything has to work and where we still have some difficulties. So far we have already recorded drums and guitars. We continue to record the rest from weekend to weekend. A label would be great, so that we could have a pro on our side who could boost distribution and promotion for us.

Who do you want to reach or what do you want to achieve with your music?
We want to reach everyone who likes thrash and is open-minded for something new. Primarily, of course, Switzerland, then all neighbouring countries and who knows…maybe we make it to the States.

How did it all start? Is there a story behind the band name?
Daniel and Timon met over the internet because both were looking for a band. We came up with the name when we were wondering what “Blausäure” means in English and cyanide was the answer. We just switched the “C” to a “Z” and then we were ZYANIDE.

You played Metalcamp this year, how was it for you? I think it has been the biggest concert for you so far?
It was altogether our sixth concert and by far the biggest. A huge challenge for us. We prepared extremely well for that gig because we, of course, wanted to win over the crowd and it seemed that we were successful. We´ve never played in front of so many people and we would like to do that again. The professionalism around us was awesome and got us back to reality a bit. Bottom line: anytime again.

What are your musical role models, your most important musical influences?
There are many great role models who have inspired us with their success and style. It would take too long to name all of them. We go to many gigs and festivals, to learn new tricks; independent of size or popularity of the bands.

Your personal Top 10 of CDs you would like to take to a desert island?
A number of CDs from Metallica, Brainstorm, Anthrax, Annihilator, Norther, Children of Bodom, VolBeat, Alestorm, Nihilo, Dream Theater, Savatage, Jon Oliva´s Pain and many, many more.

What other things would you like to have on a desert island?
Instruments, beer, family and friends and for Marco his much-longed for harem with all Playboy bunnies!

Who writes the music/lyrics or is everyone in the band involved in the writing process?
Daniel comes up with most of the riffs, he always has new ideas. He gets inspired from time to time and he definitely doesn´t write everything himself. It´s different with the lyrics. He writes them by himself and apart from “The Price To Pay” all the ideas are his as well.

What are you doing besides the band (studying, working)?
Daniel studies biotechnology in Zürich
Marco studies environmental engineering in Zürich
Marko works as an underpaid slave in a factory
Time is in his last year of apprenticeship as a truck driver in a vocational school
Phil is a freelance bank and gives us all MONEY, besides that he works as a software engineer in Zug

Would you sell your souls to the devil to get famous? Or even worse, would you participate in Eurovision/ Musicstar/ Big Brother?
Being famous is a nice thing but it´s a lot more important that as many people as possible like our music. None of us would prostitute himself for that. If people like it they are more than welcome to rock with us and all the others can go wherever they want.

What would you pick if you had to choose between sex, drugs or rock´n´roll?
We always thought this comes as one?! No, seriously: we don´t care about drugs and sex has nothing to do on stage, so then the only thing left is rock´n´roll!

What´s your dream and what´s your motivation?
It´s our dream to make money with our music and live well on it. We all grew up with music and over time you start living your dreams.

What was the most exciting/disappointing moment of your career so far?
Exciting and disappointing at the same time was the whole setup of the band. It took a long time until we had all band members. All the time there were fights and people came and went again. Setting up an own band took a lot of energy and nerves. We are happy that this is over now and we can focus on more important things.

What was the most absurd thing that happened to you?
At Metalcamp one woman in the first row took off her shirt and played with herself for 30 minutes. Daniel forgot his lyrics because of her. That was pretty absurd, Daniel forgetting the lyrics…that never happens to him!

What happened at your best/worst gig?
There are no bad gigs because you always learn something with every performance. Hey, we´ve only played 9 shows so far and we´re still wet behind the ears. Every concert broadens our horizon a little bit more and we´re grateful for every useful advice!

Do you think that it´s harder for a band from Switzerland to be successful than for example for a band from Germany?
That´s hard to say. We cannot compare and we still have too little experience but we have the feeling that the labels in Switzerland are only concerned with the best and they don´t care too much about talents, who still have to be formed to make lots of money. You don´t get anything for free but that would also be boring!

What song are you most proud of and why?
We´re proud of every song because they are all products of our creativity. We´re really proud of ourselves when the fans show us that they like the material and go bananas when we play live!

What do you think is cool/crap about being a musician?
It´s cool that you theoretically don´t need another job. It´s crap that unfortunately theory doesn´t always work in reality!

With which band would you like to be on tour?
Scorch and Nihilo. Both are great bands with a very nice line-up. Those guys rock and are so good at heart!

What are your plans for the near future?
It´s our number one goal to get the album ready in January 2009 and after that we want to find a label. Then we want to start working on our next album and play as many gigs as possible. We have an open mind for almost everything!

Addendum: Guitarist Marko left the band shortly after the interview.

Author: Sandy Mahrer, transl. Kathleen Gransalke, photos: Sandy Mahrer
Date: 2008-11-30

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