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Beyond The Dream
STALKERs Fresh Act – April 2009

Finland isn´t just the land of 1000 lakes, there must be at least 1000 Metal bands, too, and pretty good ones... One of those that still require to be discovered by a wider audience is Beyond The Dream, here introduced by singer Harri Kauppinen.

Who are you? Please introduce all band members with all their characteristics, spleens etc.
Oh well, we are Beyond The Dream the five headed metal group from central Finland.
Members are Teemu Liekkala as guitarist, Petteri Kattainen as bassist, Otto Närhi, the man behind the keyboards and piano, Ville Silvast as a drummer and Me, Harri Kauppinen as vocalist.

Where are you from? Describe your home town - if you were a tourist guide, what were the places to see?
We are from Jyväskylä, it is a small town in the middle of Finland. Nice place right next to the countryside. If we were tourist guides the trip would be filled with the bars and clubs only, heh. I think that there is few cultural places which are worth to see, but we definitely recommend the following targets : Bar Soolo and Inferno Bar when you are thirsty and want to enjoy on heavy metal ambiance and also Pub Katse and Lutakko when you want to see cool bands playing live.
What kind of music do you play?
I think that we are playing Dark Metal. In our case it is a combination of extreme and doom metal, basic rock and roll, soundtrack kind of things with the little spice of pop music, heh.
It is easier to check out our website and figure it out. On these days there are about million different categories in metal music and that is the reason why it is difficult to name a certain genre for somebody, you know.
Who do you want to reach, or what do you want to achieve with your music?
We want to reach metal heads around the world. And if we are able to get good feedback from our work, it is simply the best reward from this, you know. It helps us to write new songs, if we know that there are people who like our current material already.
How did it all begin?
Our trip began on the year 2001 when I started to write some songs with Ville, we played together for a couple of years and made a few demos. Then it was to time to relax for a while, and then  without warning the flame for this music was burning again...
At the same time Otto joined the re-named crew called Beyond The Dream. We made a demo called My First day Alone, which received such good feedback and reviews. That gave us courage to gather the whole band and start working our asses off with this music we love! Now we have done one minialbum, The Beginning and we just released our debut album called The Sin Against The Sinners.
Who are your musical idols, what are your most important musical influences?
One major influence for us are composers such as Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman... The style they write the movie soundtracks, you know. It is simply amazing, hopefully someday we got enough money to work with the symphonic orchestra and choir, that would be so awesome.
I have to mention also a few bands as a musical influences of myself : Him, Motley Crue, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir...They are all great and they definitely know what they are doing!
Who writes the music /lyrics, or are all in the band responsible?
All the lyrics are written by me and The Beginning is composed by Me, Otto and Ville. The Sin Against The Sinners by Me, Teemu and Otto. There is basicly the room for everybody´s ideas but I am the one who´ll decide what we are going to use in our songs, that way we can keep in our songs the thing that sounds Beyond The Dream, you know.
I think that when it is time to write material for our upcoming release there are going to be many ideas from all of us...hopefully that is the way we can write a few surprises for the new songs, you´ll see!

What is the major concept of the lyrics, and why did you come up with that?
The Sin Against The Sinners is written as a concept album. The basic idea behind the story is man and woman wanting to live under their own command, in the world of their own freewill. In the world without any gods. But they are too blind to see that god and satan use them in their own games. First half of the story man and woman are under gods command, second half they live with their own freewill and during the last couple songs satan takes control on human beings. I leave the story kind of open after these turns, I hope that someday I will find inspiration to write part two for this album.

What do you do if you are not in the band (studying, working)?
One of us is working at the time, two of us are working and studying and also our group contains two lucky guys who does nothing but music and relaxing, heh.
What would you pick if you had to choose between sex, drugs and Rock´n´Roll?
I think that DarkMetal includes all of these three things, picking up one certain thing from these could be hard, so start to play metal and you´ll see what is to have them all at the same time, heh!
 Ok, seriously we´ll definitely pick up the rock and roll. Music is the number one thing and if there is times you need drugs and sex... maybe the music will help you get them!
What is your dream, where does your motivation come from?
The motivation comes from the music itself, you know. When you do things you like the most it is the best motivation you can have. Our dream would be that we can do one album in every two years and touring the time between the albums. That dream keeps us alive!

What will you do if you don´t get to have a career in music business?
We´ll do the same things like now, playing music, enjoying the time with our families and friends. Our lives will definitely change if this will turn into a career someday, but if that is never going to happen, I am quite sure that our lives will be the same as now!!

What was the most exciting/the most disappointing moment in your band history?
The most exiting moments are the days when our albums are released and also almost every live show we have played!!
The most disappointing moments are few lives hows when we were definitely the wrong band in a totally wrong place, heh. And also kind of big disappointment is that we are still an unsigned band.

What was the most absurd thing that happened to you?
Hmmm, I have to think about that. Maybe one thing is kind of absurd, but also so flattering, I have seen one Beyond The Dream tattoo. What could be more pleasing that somebody having a tattoo which is somehow related to your own band and to your own work. That is so nice!!
What happened during your best/your worst live show?
I can not name our best live show. The live show is good when the band plays the songs correctly and has a good mood on stage and has a connection with the audience. One of the best things that could happen to me personally during our live show is that there are people watching and singing all the words with me. That is kind of a cool thing!!
The bad live show happens if the band is booked to totally wrong venue for some reason. When the audience does not like metal music at all, you know! There were few times we have been in that situation, heh.

Which song are you most proud of, and why?
We are proud of all our songs! But if I have to pick one it would be Freewill As A Souvenir, that is my favourite song from The Sinners Album at the time. It is a nice song that contains all the elements we can do the best, the sensibility and brooding ambience besides the basic dark metal content.
What do you think is cool/totally sucks about being a musician?
I have not found a thing that sucks being a musician, I just found this so pleasing thing to do! It is so nice to hear the songs you have written by yourself and to get feedback from them, if good or bad it does not matter. I love to be able to share some thoughts and emotions with other people!
The thing you hate about Finland/being Finnish that you hate the most?
Hate about Finland? I love this country... This is a great place to live your life.
Which band would you enjoy touring with?
It would wonderful if someday we could be able to do a tour with HIM or with Cradle Of Filth, that is definitely one dream that i hope it will come true sometime.
What do you plan in the near future?
Now we try to do as much gigs as we can and planning how to continue this. Planning new songs and things related to Sinners album. Slowly but surely, you know?!


Author: Klaudia Weber, photos: Beyond The Dream
Date: 2009-03-31

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