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STALKERs Fresh Act – August 2009

Hailing from Flensburg, Caddieshack is bulging its young muscles. Augusts fresh act of the month offers versatility, lively gigs and a good debut(review here ). The punk/emo-rock band holds promise of growing big, so one should keep an eye on them and sign the guys before someone else does. Morten Braendeskov, singer and drummer of the present trio (an additional guitar player is in search) talks about himself, his band und his hopes and dreams.

Tell me something about your band and your band members, not only their instruments, but also their functions.
I play drums and sing, Vincent is on the guitar and Frank is playing bass. I think that all the guys back eachother up and are bounded enough to keep it up.

What about your lyrics, what are they about?
A lot of the songs are about break-ups, heartache. A lot of stuff that’s going in our minds and hangs around us and just about general life.

What about the name of your band, are you fans of the movie, or?
Well it was just a bad idea. (laughs) We started off as a ska-punk band and it’s… Yeah, we already had a gig but we didn’t have a name and we had to choose one and came up with “Caddieshack” one day, so…

Well, I’ve heard really ridiculous band names, like “Anal Thunder”, so you don’t have to be ashamed of yours.

So how long have you guys been together then?
Since 2000. I had just split up with my band and I joined forces with them and after that, we’ve been just playing on.

Do you have any expectations for the future of the band?
I think it’s more like hopes, that we get to play much more than we’ve done previously, ride it on from there and see what happens.

How would you describe your music?
It’s a lot of rock. And it’s hard to categorise because we mix all kinds of influences into it. There is emo, there’s punk, there’s some Metal in it, some pop even. I think we found what we were looking for. All of the other things we’ve been doing previously were sort of experimenting with things we liked at that point of time and I think we’ve matured a lot during that time, musically and personally as well, so that defines what we are doing at this time.

Do you all come from Flensburg?
I’m originally born in Denmark, so I just moved there when I was a kid. The others are original Flensburgers.

What are the best and the worst parts on being a German band?
That’s a tricky one. First, I think that the music scene is too small for the kind of music we are doing. We don’t have to appeal to the masses. But the people, who like it, really like it; that’s really important for me. So some of the worst things are also the best things. To get the venues filled up, it’s hard playing the kind of music we do.

Since you started off as a ska-band, going into more rock and Metal, do you see that you could go back to ska?
I think that was more about being young and having fun with it. I think I’ve grown away from that and I don’t think we’re going back.
Author: Ozzy Aikas, photo: Caddyshack
Date: 2009-07-31

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