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What could be more relaxing than a few bears and a nice, long sauna?The Finnish Seaman´s church, that besides being a concentional church, also has a supermarket, alcohol and a sauna, makes it possible…
The breed of sauna rockers is increasing steadiliy. We present them to you exclusively. This time: The Finnish band Lab.

Who would be your favourite sauna companion?
Ana: Other lab members!
Masa: I´d like to meet Kekkonen. He´s our former Finnish president. There is a rumour that all the important decisions were held in a sauna. There was for example some Russian politician and Kekkonen took him into a sauna. I´d really like to know what he was like but he´s dead.

And who do you never want to meet in a sauna?
Johannes: Former ski-jumper Matti Nykänen! He is stupid.

Pekka, as you like sports you´d maybe like to meet Janne Ahonen in a sauna, right?
Pekka: Yeah, sure! He is a real athlete. Not doing stupid things like Nykänen.

…who attacked somebody with a knife for example.
All: Yes! And after his ski-jumping career he was a stripper, a singer and a lot more. Hopefully, they have sauna in the prisons as well.

Beer in a sauna – if so which one?
Masa: Any beer!
Pekka: Any cold beer.
Ana: I prefer sausages.

Sex in a sauna – impossible or heavenly?
Ana: Actually it´s very nice to have sex after a sauna bath or in a sauna.

Isn´t it too hot?
Ana: Oh well, you can start here and then you can go to the washing room. And if mummy is home you can put the shower on.

Do you have some nightmare stories of a sauna bath?
Ana: Pekka once passed out in a sauna. He was falling asleep for he was too drunk. That´s really dangerous.
Pekka: I don´t know how long I was there… a friend found me then.

How would you enthuse an alien to take a sauna bath?
Ana: I´d say: “Just get naked, shut up and here we go.” And the alien would do so, of course.

When was the last time you felt the sweat running down your back – not because you were sitting a sauna but simply because you were so damned nervous or maybe afraid of something?
Ana: For me this only happens when it is Christmas shopping chaos. When you are in that huge crowd and can´t get out and can´t get the stuff you want or need. It´s really horrible.

Could this sauna atmosphere inspire you to write a song and its lyrics?
All: No! In a sauna you wanna switch off your mind for a while, not thinking anything.
Pekka: If had to it would be some kind of a bossanova. Something really easy…

As Finnish people I guess you all have your own sauna at home or does somebody has to suffer because there is none?
Ana: I don´t have my own sauna – that´s horrible! Sauna is something that belongs to everybody´s life in Finland. It´s a normal thing. It´s nice to go in a sauna at night when it´s dark outside.
Pekka: Sauna is a sacred place somehow.

Author: Melanie Haack
Date: 2006-12-14

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