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Saunarocker - Electric Eel Shock

What could be more relaxing than a few beers and a nice, long sauna? The Finnish Seaman church makes it possible by, besides being a conventional church, also having a supermarket, alcohol and a sauna…
The breed of sauna rockers is increasing steadiliy and we present them to you exclusively. This time: The Japanese band Electric Eel shock. Singer and guitar player Aki Morimoto answered to some hot questions.

What was your greatest sauna experience?
Sauna experience?! The Japanese capsel hotels, you know? It´s like a hotel in a fridge. We call that a capsel-hotel. There are a lot of beds in one room and every bed is like a kapsel. You can find it in Tokyo. I live in Unibasti and sometimes if we miss the final train we stay in the town over night, and sometimes we stay in the capsel-hotel.
A lot of Jakuza-People go in the sauna and they are very friendly at night, so a few times they invited me in the Jakuza community. But I said “No, thank you!”

Who would be your favourite sauna partner?
My dad. I don´t know why? My dad is a very quiet guy. He sits quiet for 20 minutes and then goes out and jumps in a cold lake. I think Japanese people are good in enjoying the sauna. I don´t think people from the U.K. can stay in the sauna for a long time.

Who would you never want to meet in a sauna?
My wife. Or my manager. Or gay people.

So what is the perfect sauna-drink for you?
Sweat. Tastes good! And… it´s recycling.

Separate sauna for men and women or mixed ones?
Hmm… mixed once, but not naked.

What do you think about sex in the sauna?
Too hot! But I think that at our hottest shows I sweat more than in a sauna. Sometimes it gets very very hot on stage. We can stay there very long. We are a very hot band.

Imagine that you can not open the door. What would you do?
Take a beer, dance and get a blow job from my wife.

Author: Otto Normali, photos: Samira Alinto, translation: Sandy Mahrer
Date: 2006-12-17

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