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Tiamat - Johan Edlundīs 7 deadly sins

Just 4,5 hours before his birthday, Johan commented on the 7 deadly sins, although from his point of view, most of them shouldnīt even be on that list

Something I canīt really relate to. It depends... Greed for money I donīt think that people with a lot of money live much happier than we do, so.. And greed for other things, love or whatever, but I feel quite comfortable there too. I know this from myself, I had more money in the past than I have now, but I wasnīt a happier person back then. I am totally happy now, and so donīt feel that Iīm greedy for anything.

Itīs a sin, yeah... and it should be a sin. Thereīs nothing wrong with sins. Personally I donīt envy anybody, but in my job for example I think there is a lot of envy, between bands and so on, and we try to stay out of that. Maybe itīs like a competition and I donīt feel itīs important to be the best, so I donīt envy people who are better, I accept it, itīs totally cool to be number two. As long as youīre number two, not number three. And if there are people who are envious of me, I think they have a good reason for that.

Thatīs me. I am lazy and I donīt think itīs a sin at all, itīs something to be proud of. Because you can have your time off to enjoy life without stressing, working too much, you know... Iīm totally happy with that.

Can you explain that word, itīs a very complicated one. Oh, eating too much?! Oh no, I eat too less. I donīt cook well... but I donīt see why itīs a sin to eat too much? If I order two Big Macs instead of one, I donīt see a way it can be sent to Africa, or anywhere else to help a starving kid, so I might as well eat it.

I think that is a very good thing to do, if youīre suppose to love other people, you should also love yourself.

For sure if somebody does something bad to me, I wonīt have a problem to smack him in the face or even shoot him. There are many things that make me angry, paedophiles for example.

Itīs not really a sin either. We all feel it, itīs normal.

Author: Marina Sidyakina, transl. K.Weber, photo: Tiamat
Date: 2009-03-17

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