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Stereo Junks! - 7 deadly sins

Spitting fire like the devil, oily sexy naked torsos are lustful, screaming fans are greedy for more and irresistibly attractive band arouses vanity... Stereo Junks! comment on the sins, with a wicked twinkle in their eyes, which really puts the whole concept of a ‘sin’ to question.

Charlie B I must say, I am very familiar with that. (laughs) I know I’m a small guy, but I eat like hell!
Mr Anziyeah, me too, I love food, love eating. But I think sometimes you should have not enough food so that later you can really appreciate it even more. If you’re so full all the time, you can’t know anymore the real value of it. I cook a lot and well...

Sohei: what is that?
Mr Anzibeing lazy.
Charlie B this one I’m not so familiar with.
Mr AnziI must say I hate lazy people, I can’t stand it. A few of my close friends are quite lazy and I just want to ran away from that! Damn, I really hate laziness.

Sohei: vanity?
DeVille: vanity...
Charlie B vanity?! Actually we all have some... Well, it’s loving yourself in not so selfish way, but of course you should appreciate yourself and it’s not that bad, I think...
Mr Anzidon’t over-do it of course, to get to do something like this band, some vanity is important.

Charlie B who comments on that? (laughs)
Mr Anziyou should be greedy to get to your goal, it’s like this motivation that’s pushing you. I think those artists or musicians who say they aren’t greedy are just lying. I think this is one sin, greed, that really keeps you going and I admit that we, as a band, should have more of that.
DeVille: as a band we’re definitely greedy and hungry for more, always!

Charlie B this is my favourite one.
(Ronnie Loco comes in with MacDonald’s meal in his hands)
Charlie B hey Ronnie knows something about this one!!!
Ronnie loco: what?!
Charlie B we’re talking about the sins, what about lust?
Ronnie loco: sex?!
Charlie B DeVille and Mr Anzino! Lust!
Ronnie loco: lust?! Ok?! Yes!
Mr Anzihe is a very lusty guy!
Ronnie Loco: all the time!
(Sohei laughs)

Charlie B I don’t think I am...
Ronnie Loco: aggressive in bed? Sex?
(all laugh)
Charlie B everything’s about sex for him...
Mr AnziI put all my anger into the music and all the aggression into the live performance and my music, so then I don’t have to beat anyone or get in physical trouble, otherwise I’d be in jail by now. (laughs)

Charlie B there is a lot of that in this country, that’s true.
Mr Anzithis is just bad vanity, if you ask me. If you put your energy into being envy, it’s just a pure waste of time.

Author: Marina Sidyakina, transl. S.Mahrer, photos: Stereojunks
Date: 2009-04-04

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