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Lord of the Lost and the 7 Deadly Sins

Lord of the Lost´s live performance screams SINS all over the place! There are lusty steamy bodies, smuged in black grease, there is passionate anger, drive and it makes you greedy and hungry for more. No matter how much stage time they had, you´d think it was too less. So which sin can it be that has most control over them? And which one sin would he absolutely never commit? They are on a hunt, but what for? And what is it about honesty in the tough music business, which in itself, is full of sins in every shape and form?

We met with Chris Harms, „the Lord“ and the frontman, after their first ever appearance on a Belgian stage within the Coalescaremonium, an annual goth party in Brussels (more info can be found at http://www.coalescaremonium.info)
Chris is very calm and even neat: if you didn´t just spend the last hour dancing and headbanging to their concert, you would never guess he is just off the stage from a hot show! His calmness inevitably makes you wonder what lies beneath this sharp reassured exterior.

Gluttony? What does that mean?! Ah yeah, I know... Some of these words I just know in German. But this is not something I can really comprehend, because I never had this kind of problem, so I always eat too much and I always stay skinny! So it´s like magic. It´s not gonna be a negative thing for me, gluttony, but maybe when I´ll get older and I´m gonna grow fat, or so... What I know is this feeling of being hungry for something and not being able to get enough of it, in life, that I know about. This is more of a problem with me and my music career. So I don´t see gluttony in terms of food, but more like this in music. I can talk about that. It is like being on a hunt for a perfect song, you know? I am a sucker for good rocking pop songs! I like songs that get stuck in your head. This is what music is about – we don´t make music for musicians, we make music for people, to dance and have a good time, to get feelings – sad feelings, or happy, or whatever. So this is my hunt for a perfect song and I think this you can never accomplish. It is a very difficult thing, because once you get the perfect song, you can just stop what you are doing. And this hunt is what keeps me running.

What is that again? Being lazy? No! I am like the 100% opposite of that. I know what that means, but that is not me, I have never been lazy in my life. And I can´t understand people who are lazy, I can never be that, never. I cannot not do anything, I need to have something to do. Even when I am relaxing, things are running through my head – I´m planning what next steps I am going to take, and so on... But I cannot waste a day and do nothing, then go to bed and no... this is not me. Even to relax I write songs, that relaxes me also. And I like to spend time with my family, but it is far from lazy, we are always doing something!

Yeah! This is sex in any kind of way... Lust is the engine for inspiration for me. Lust and all the fantasy that goes around it, this always keeps me writing new songs. Love is one thing, then on the other hand there´s desperation and then there is lust, and so for example songs like „Sex on legs“ is very lust-inspired! Those songs for me are like audio-photography of certain kind of situations and I always try to capture those feelings into the music. I can totally relate to that! This has complete control over me, I am not controlling it, it´s the other way around.

This is like anger, right? Hm... There has to be a good reason for me to be angry in this kind of way. I am not the kind of person who becaomes angry for no reason. I am very calm and realxed kind of person. This is something most people don´t expect from me, because on stage I am quite chaotic and different, but it is very hard to make me angry. I do not have the need to take revenge on people, if anyone has done something wrong to me. It is not worth to spend time on those things. So wrath does not really touch me. What makes me angry is human sutpidity, when people are just so blind to see the obvious. When people lose their sense of humanity. For example you walk on the street, there are women and they have a kinderwagen, and baby is crying, but the women are just continue chatting over it. This angers me! I´d go to them and scream that LOVE YOUR FUCKING BABY, THAT´S WHAT YOU ARE MADE FOR!!! GO TALK TO THAT BITCH LATER!
But I am in good control of my emotions, and anything negative I have gets lose in the music and on stage. But I´d never start a fight or punch anyone in a face.

Ah, no... I am envious when other musicians are successful without a right to be. There are so many bands, even in this scene, who sing maybe 50% playback, or 100% playback. Sometimes, they don´t even sing it themselves in the studio! And I know these people, we all know each other, but I cannot tell anyone about that, because I don´t do that, I can´t, it´s not my style to talk behind their backs, but they are out there! And those bands are successful, but they do not deserve it and that makes me envious. If anyone reaches any kind of high goal and I know they worked very hard for it and it is fair, then I am not jealous. I am not a jealous kind of person. I know very well what I am capable of and where I could be if I was cheating like them. But I am too honest and then I won´t be able to look at myself in a mirror anymore. I have to go the honest way, this is how we do it. It is not always possible, but I try to be as much as I can.

Greed always comes along with success in any kind of way. You always want more and more and more. Greed is something I have less of now, the older I get. When I was 18-20 or so, I wanted more of everything for no reason. I wanted to have more than the others. Maybe I was very ambitious, but now it has changed. I am 34 right now, I see things in a different kind of way.

Yeah, this is me! In some way, this is definitely me. You know, there is a stage personality. When I am on stage, I am a different kind of person, who is very vain. But when you see me right now, there is nothing of it really here. But ofcourse it is a part of me, all of it comes with the band. My personality on stage comes with a lot of vanity, but in real life - no. Maybe if I did not have a chance to be on stage, I would have to find another way to release it. Being on stage is maybe the reason why I am so relaxed otherwise.

Stalker.cd wants to especially thank event organiser Wesley Kuijpers for helping to arrange this interview.

Author: Marina Minkler, transl. Mark Brandt, photos: Jolanda Van Velzen
Date: 2014-04-05

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