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Ill Nino – Christian Machao´s 7 deadly sins

Stalker met Ill Nino singer Christian………… while he´s lifting weights. Quite out of breath he´s telling us stories all about our good ol´ deadly sins.

The first thing that comes to my mind are bands that are envious of us. We go up on stage and try to do our job for the fans who pay the ticket money. We already toured with a band – I won´t mention the name – that didn´t allow us to put on a proper show because they were purely envious of the professionalism behind our performance. They see the audience´s response to our show and become envious. When we take out an opening act, we show them the love and support they deserve. There is no reason why any headlining act should be envious of their opening band.

When I hear vanity, I think of the single “What You deserve” from our new album. It´s pretty much about vanity, about how you´re walking around thinking that you know it all and that you´re the best at everything that you do and the circumstances that follow with thinking that you´re some kind of God´s gift to humanity. A lot of people think that they´re better than others, just because perhaps they went to college or maybe because their father is well connected, or something like that. I think that we are all basically made up of the same shit, it just depends where you grow up and what the society standards are around you. At the end of the day, if you run around with an attitude as I just described, you will get what you deserve, and that is usually negative.

The other day we had no food on our tour bus and everybody was starving. So, our drum tec who was the only one who had food, decided “Well I´ll eat it” and he actually sold the rest of it to the band members, that´s how cheap and gluttonous he is.

That´s kind of weird, man,. I haven´t really been dealing with lazy people. But I guess, when I think of sloth, I think of the motherfucker who goes to the toilet before me, pisses all over the toilet seat and doesn´t bother to clean it the fuck up. That is some lazy slothy attitude! If you are going to the bathroom an piss all over the toilet seat, don´t be a lazy fuck, clean the shit up, get some toilet paper an wipe it down!

The first thing that comes to my mind when you say wrath is how I wanted to strangle the monitor guy last night. We played a show at the Big Easy in Washington. Everything this monitor guy could have gotten wrong, he got wrong, from plugging in the wrong vocal microphone, to not having monitor mixes, to unplugging cables as he was walking by the desk console. I literally wanted to kill this guy, but obviously I tried to contain myself. All I could do was just stare at him and kind of think: “Man, I would really love to kill you right now, but I won´t, because I won´t let this bullshit overcome me.”

About two months ago we saw a girl who was with her boyfriend. She tried to get on the bus of the band Disturbed. And her boyfriend was fighting her: “Please don´t go on the bus, please don´t go on the bus!” And sure enough, this filthy, nasty, betraying, trifling woman went on the bus and left her boyfriend behind. Sometimes lust can be a great thing, like when you´re very attracted to someone and your single and there´s noone there begging you please not to cheat on them. But in that situation I think that this girl was being very lustful and hurtful towards her man. She did not act right.

Hm. When I think of greed, I think of lawyers. They are there to purely make money out of people who have no other way to get out of situations with the judicial system, unless they hire a lawyer. I think the judicial system should offer civilians a better way to present themselves without a lawyer.
Author: Andy Kuhn, Photos: hfr.
Date: 2006-12-07

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