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GIBBERISH: HIM & Amorphis - Drums expert talk (FSK16)

In actual fact, Mika Kristian "Gas Lipstick" Karppinen was already part of a Gibberish interview. At that time together with Eike Freese of Dark Age… Do you remember? A splendid on! Well, this Gibberish with Gas and Jan "Snoopy" Rechberger was done completely spontaneous during the last year. The facts that Gas was in already, the Gibberish is a little too short and we just have one photo, was the reason why we never took it in the printed STALKER MAGAZINE. But... you can never smirk enough and online the deficit in length and photos is bearable – here you go…

Gas: My first question is - in Finland we have this Sauna thing, you know, you go to Sauna and then you buy sausage and you grill the sausage. What if you notice one day that your mustard is gone? What would you do? At some makkarakärystysilta? (= sausage grilling evening)
Snoopy: I think I would probably kill myself.

Snoopy: Do you play Blast-Beat (= extreme fast Death Drumming)
Gas: At times, yes. I do. Every second Monday.

Gas: If you would go out one day, and if you had a bottle of Vodka, and then you were supposed to have something to mix with it, like Coke or something, and suddenly you noticed you forgot the Coke, what would you do with the Vodka?
Snoopy: Of course drink the Vodka, you know, because we don´t mix Vodka with any Soda or shit like that.
Gas: OK thank you.

Snoopy: So this is like a strange situation - what would you do if you wake up one morning next to this guy, I mean the bassplayer of Impaled Nazarene, called Arkki (= the guy with the Spike hairs), so you can imagine??
Gas: What I would do is probably I´d fuck him in the ass.
Snoopy: Alright.
Gas: Without any lubricate, just fuck him in the ass.
Snoopy: Like dry.
Gas: Yeah dry. The finnish way, you know.

Gas: This is a tough one - you play two bassdrums. What would you do if you noticed during a concert that your other bassdrum-pedal would break? What would you do?
Snoopy: I would just play the same pattern with one.

Snoopy: What do you prefer, just normal sticks or kakkosnelonen?
Gas: Ahhh...
Snoopy: If you play blast beat
Gas: We have to say - kakkosnelonen is like big, thick wood. (= lumber dowels)
Ahhhh - I think I´d prefer kakkosnelonen.
Snoopy: Yes that´s what I wanted to hear
Gas: Because after the show I could put it in my asshole
Snoopy: Alright
Gas: And feel like I have a nice evening.
Snoopy: That makes sense.

(Yet as I had these experts in drumming and essential things, like eating, drinking and cohabitation, in front of my microphone, I simply had to know:)

What´s better, having one bassdrum and this two-pedal-thingy, or two bassdrums?
Snoopy: I don´t know if there´s a right answer to that, it´s just up to the drummer what he prefers. I used this pedal myself and felt quite happy with it.
Gas: If you play Metal, Heavy Metal you should have two bassdrums.
Snoopy: It looks kinda cool.
Gas: It really looks cool. I could never play this double-pedal, for me it´s definately two bassdrums. I think the other one looks gay.

Author: editing by Klaudia Weber, Photo: Klaudia Weber
Date: 2006-11-27

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