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What you always wanted to know, but never dared to ask - STALKER asked at Metalcamp 2007...

Peter Tägtgren (PAIN) about Abyss Studios: "It is true. Abyss studio is a former mental hospital. I bought it. Actually I bought the whole village to get some peace and quietness. It´s great coming back home after stressful tour to relax."

Peter Iwers (In Flames) about playing with PAIN at Metalcamp: "I´ve heard he was making a new record, so I asked him if I can help. We recorded a song in 10 minutes and then started to listen to the others as well..."

Peter Tägtgren (PAIN), about (dis)advantages of being a one-man band: "When you´re doing an album alone, you´re always running to walls, not knowing if what you´re doing is good. There´s no one to ask. If I run out of ideas in case of Hypocrisy, others help, with PAIN I´m alone. But in the end I always feel like I´ve got a diploma for another album."

Satyr (Satyricon) about the end of the day...: "...we still consider ourselves as a Black Metal band. Many journalist and fans are giving us compliments saying we´re so much more than Black Metal. Black Metal to me was always about diversity and I don´t really feel that if a Black Metal band is oriented towards epic sound like early Emperor or Dark Throne that was very naked, sounding evil and cold, it should be called differently. Should then Emperor call themselves epic/majestic/ Black Metal and Dark Throne evil/naked/cold Black Metal? It makes no sense."

Frost (Satyricon) about growth of Black Metal: "Music is a living organism and so is Black Metal. It started as simple and small homogeneous entity, but has grown to something large, varied... The strong musical quality of early days of Black Metal laid the ground for where it is now: Experienced and appreciated, with more groups than only those dedicated. Media helped as well. That was natural evolution for good and for bad; stop mourning – if you like new stuff stay with it and if you prefer old bands stick to that. Everything is still there."

Jarkko Aaltonen (Korpiklaani) about the concert: "The festival is nice, so is the surrounding area. The audience on our concert was great. I think we had the biggest mosh pit. We changed the intro of the last song – that was the Hunting song that starts with a slow intro on the album – to a Black Sabbath song... The sun was just going down, and it was interesting to see our audience in the first rows that had no idea what we were playing, though old school Metallers put hands in the air... That was amazing."

Paul Allender (Cradle Of Filth) about success: "We´re just good. (laughs) I´m joking. We´ve always followed what we wanted to do, music and image wise. Every album we´ve done is different, we don´t stick to just one type of music. I think that´s why we´re successful."

Paul Allender (Cradle Of Filth) about importance of image after all these years: "You have to have an image. As far as we´re concerned to be a successful band you need good music and unbelievable image. Music has to be really good, but you have to have an image. In case we wouldn´t have it, I think we wouldn´t be so successful. Ever since the Jesus shirt came out (that shirt had out-sold all others, the ed.) - at the time as we put it together we just wanted to piss people off..."

Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian) about the feeling when an audience is singing along: "We always get geese bumps. It is great, but in a way we also got used of it. We expect people to sing along. We tend to make them a part of the show and when they take the lead, it´s amazing. It´s a privilege. That´s the magic moment."

Tom Angelripper (Sodom) about retirement: "We don´t think about retirement. We´ve been on the scene for 25 years and we´ll play as long as we´ll have the audience. People are still coming to our concerts. On the other hand it would be really hard to get a job outside music business, because music is what we do."

Tom Angelripper (Sodom) about the reason for line-up changes: "A lot of guitarists left the band; Frank Blackfire went to Kreator, Michael Hoffman found a job in Brazil producing music. Andy Brings was the only one I kicked out. The rest left for personal reasons..."

Walter "Wattie" Buchan (The Exploited) about being a Punk legend, one of the last among a dying breed: "I´m alive! When someone says, do you know that ´punker´ you played with died? I say: rather him than me.(laughs) It´s hard to go along for so long and if I wouldn´t enjoy it, I´d quit. But I´m in it with all my heart."

Author: Simona Drevensek, photo: Daniel Novakovic
Date: 2007-08-13

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