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Jägermeister Rockliga with Dacia & 4Lyn

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Web www.jaegermeister.de
Datum / Date12 Feb 2005 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Jägermeister 
Photos: Sebastian Gram 

Without a big home field advantage 5:1 for 4Lyn

The Jägermeister rules in brief:

Rocking Liga-style – that’s what Jägermeister calls the unusual competition. Simply put, 18 bands, which have been pre-selected (on the basis of live experience, how much the audience likes them, and their „ferocity“), compete with each other. The prize was a championship title and total prize money of 50.000 EUR, of which 15.000 for the winner and 800 EUR for the bands at the bottom of the list. Here’s a small excerpt of the rules as announced by Jägermeister: „At the Rock:Liga concerts, there is always a home team and a guest team, who compete for the favour of the fans. After 2 x 45 minutes of music, the rock battle audience decides which band is the winner, by the volume level of their applause. The jury then determines the overall score. In this matter, typical German rock virtues are considered: varied guitar solo’s, consistent fan activity in the groupie-area, use of the space onstage, etc. The points and the general score have to be good, if you want to be champion.“ If that’s not enough of an explanation, just go to www.jaegermeister.de to find out more.

And now about the battle of 4Lyn the guys from Stuttgart, Dacia And The Weapons Of Mass Destruction, in theHamburger Markthalle. It wasn’t sold out, but it was quite busy all the same, when 4Lyn stormed the stage and kicked off to make good use of their meagre 45 minutes. When 4Lyn played against AK47, they had been dressed up as priests, but this time their outfits were frightfully normal. The show was a typical 4Lyn show; you could tell the guys were having a good time and front man Ron divided the audience in reference to the Red Sea and made a choir of men from the audience compete with a choir of women from the audience during their „Matilda“ cover. Before he left the stage, Ron, always the gentleman, made the audience promise to show Dacia And The Weapons Of Mass Destruction the same enthusiasm they had shown them.

Dacia represented Stuttgart in the second half of the game, which wasn’t entirely right, since they used to live in Hamburg with Tape and therefore also had a certain home field advantage. Unfortunately, it seemed that advantage had shrunken quite a bit since the time of Tape, because besides the fact that half the audience went for beer and toilet stops, the rest of the audience only gave a very moderate response. I was really looking forward to Dacia’s outfit, since she had always worn very sexy mini skirts and red thongs. Sadly, she looked rather C&A and wannabe respectable. Perhaps you can’t dress sexy anymore, when your husband plays guitar in the same band? It wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened in a band... Ok, back to the show. It was quite dull and characterless and the reaction of the auience and the jury was equally harsh.

The people from Jägermeister really did some heavy advertising with Maddin from Superstars, but unfortunately Martin Kescici couldn’t make it due to an important TV appearance. Since he was supposed to perform with his band for he Rock liga game, some of the guests were a bit disappointed that they still had to pay the same admission price. At least Lotto King Karl helped out and joined the jury to give it a certain star appeal. The rest of the jury was made up of STALKER, represented by Samira Alinto, the Hamburger Morgenpost, represented by Chris Laut and a magazine of which I had never heard before, called Nachtlicher or something like that.
Lotto King Karl presented the decision of the jury, 5:1 for 4Lyn. There was a small consolation for Dacia And The Weapons Of Mass Destruction concerning the outfit. This was the only point of discussion in the jury. Ok, Ron shouldn’t have taken off his shirt like that, since he hadn’t quite worked off the fat from Christmas yet, but the audience didn’t seem to mind and it was definitely better than Dacia’s blouse with flowers. At the end, the final marks were decided by the audience. The audience was so clearly in favour of 4Lyn, that some people applauded for Dacia out of pity. As the winners came back onstage, Ron was deeply moved and very happy and so on... as always. Afterwards, the party with the winning band continued until the crack of dawn at a club in Hamburg by the name of B.A.R (which used to be house and D&B – and now plays new rock and metal... I will refrain from commenting on that).

Saskia Meerbaum

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