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Emilie Autumn - The Asylum Tour 2010

Stadt / City Esch-Alzette 
Land / Country Luxemburg 
Web www.emilieautumn.com
Datum / Date27.02.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery emilieautumnlux 
Photos: Cornelia Wickel 

Emilie Autumn is not "just" a concert. She has the reputation of creating a one-of-a-kind concert experience, photographers totally adore her, because there is so much different stuff to photograph, it simply doesnīt become boring. Itīs almost like a must-have in every photographerīs portfolio. That being said, was more than enough to make me go to Luxemburg, to finally catch her live. Thus: Welcome to the asylum! - which was now in the Rockhal in Luxemburg for one evening. And as you can already read on the official EA page: "But beware: It is much easier to get into the Asylum than it is to get out..."

Itīs almost 9 pm, the smaller hall or the Rockhal is nicely filled with people, the stage is dimly lit in blue, the whole stage decoration very playful and with passion for detail - this alone already reveals, that this is not a concert as we know it. Another hint for this is the fact, that there are absolutely no instruments to be seen. In the middle of the stage you can see a huge wheel, also decorated in a lovely way, that almost looks like a huge drum and lateron turns out to be a shadow wall and is also made for artistic interludes. On the right and left side of it, thereīs stuff put up for a little teaparty and on the left Emilieīs Harmonium, that is hard to discover, due to all the decoration.
Suddenly it gets darker, the music gets louder and you can feel the first wave of excitement in the audience. However, this seemed to be a false start, since it should take yet another 10-15 minutes until the gig finally started. The music gets louder again and then you see some figures shooing on stage under the protection of darkness and dancing one after another behind the aforementioned shadow wall.
Characters of this evening are: the obviously drunk and totally crazy Captain Maggots, who literally enters stage with orange-red mane and a saber, followed by the trigger-happy, revolver-armed Aprella, Blessed Contessa and Naughty Veronicy - and of course, finally Emilie, who is wearing a plague-mask and rattail. All characters manage to surprise the audience in various ways as time goes by, convince the audience in their very own manner and definitely fascinate us.
When it comes to Emilie Autumn, you can definitely call her a gesamtkunstwerk for sure! Sometimes you canīt even decide where to look first, when all 5 girls start doing their performance, each in their own way and still a complete whole.

It simply doesnīt get boring during the 2 hours long performance, let it be, that itīs teatime, or Emilie is doing a dramatic show in a wheelchair, or Contessa is showing her artistic side, high up in the air.
Most of the music comes from tape, but itīs all sung live and Emilie of course plays on her Harmonium and most important on her violine. What would an EA show be without interaction with the audience? Of course the audience plays an important part as well, for example, when Emilie asks what should be done next or Naughty Victoria decides, that she finally wants to kiss a girl from Luxemburg, which she hasnīt done so far. Of course a girl, willing to play her famous rat-game, that ends with a kiss, is found pretty fast, in the front row. Apart from kissing girls, Victoria also does a wonderful burlesque-style dance with feather-fans. Crazy Captain Maggots does some brilliant acrobatic act with burning hoola-hoop rings, while Contessa prefers to go for some fire-eating and fire-juggling.

Itīs great to see, that many (especially) girls in the audience seem to know the lyrics by heart, even though this is Emilieīs first visit ever to the small country. All songs like for example "Liar", "Opheliac" or the really well-done coverversion of "Bohemian Rhapsody" are sung along with lots of enthusiasm.
Oh and before I forget, let me mention the decoration again, itīs of course not only the stage decoration, thatīs absolutely beautiful, also the stage costumes worn by Emilie and her Bloody Crumpets are very playful and with lovely details. Those costumes are changed various times during performance. Everyone, who has already been at an EA gig, knows, that itīs close to impossible, to talk about all the stuff thatīs happening there - you simply have to witness it to be able to fully grasp it.

Emilie Autumn simply is the perfekt evening entertainment - you donīt have to ask yourself, whether youīd rather go to theatre, or to a gig, maybe to the circus or even burlesque-show or, or,or.... you get a bit of all, when you attend one of her gigs! I for my part, who will probably never get into this kind of music, got convinved completely nevertheless, that gig really deserved the word "entertaining". For sure not my last EA gig. The audience went out into the cold air, knowing that they witnessed yet another great show, with lots of impressions, that the last two hours surely left. And just like mentioned in the introduction, it was for sure easier to get into the Asylum, than to get out. Not because of being trapped there in a common sense, but simply because nobody really wanted to leave Emilieīs little world that fast...

Intro/ Opheliac / The Art Of Suicide/ I Want My Innocence Back / Speech / Contessa Gives Introductions / Shalott / Dominant / Contessa leads prayer / God Help Me / Emilie Autumn Talks to Veronica / Unlaced / The Rat Game / 306 / Speech / Dead / Contessa Eats / Misery Loves Company / Violin Solo / Mad Girl / Bohemian Rhapsody / Let The Record Show/ Thank God Iīm Pretty /Credits

Cornelia Wickel

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