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Arch Enemy

Stadt / City Luxemburg 
Land / Country Luxemburg 
Datum / Date01.04.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery archenemylux 
Photos: Cornelia Wickel 

Neckbreaker-alarm at Rockhal.
Didn´t I mention in my last report already, that more and more bands seem to discover Luxemburg and its´ metalscene lately? Well, it was like this again, since Arch Enemy played their very first gig in Luxemburg, delivering a great show. Another thing, that was absolutely great, was the number of fans, that had found its way into the Rockhal - must´ve been around 600-700 people, who were ready to rock on the 1st of April - seems as if metalheads seem to appreciate such classy packages! Newcomer band meets 15 + years of experience-bands.

Four bands were on the line-up and the opener was the local band Miles To Perdition, who could already play in front of quite a big crowd. Their Modern Metal/Deathcore Mix was appreciated and warmed up the audience for things to come. Seems as if the times of lazy-sleepy audiences are over? I hope so, since it was exactly the lazynes of the audience, that made me a bit angry in March - however, nothing to complain here, everybody seemed to be in a great mood. MTP made good use of the short playtime they had, also playing some new stuff from the upcoming album, that will be released in October. Apart from that two new members were on board. Keep an eye on this band, I´m sure you´ll hear/read a lot more about this Luxemburgian band!

Short changeover and then it was time for the next band, this time from the neighbour country France: No Return went on rocking the crowd with their Death/Thrash mixture. Too bad, I had never heard of them before - and amazing in a way, that I never did, since they´ve been around since 1989 already. But that seems to be the fate of French bands...very few of them manage to get some attention outside France. Well, this or that way, here at the Rockhal they surely got their dose of attention. In addition to that, this evening was prooving once again, that such a varied line-up of bands can work pretty well!

Samael entered stage after roughly 20 minutes of changeover. For them it wasn´t the first time in Luxemburg, since they had already been at this venue on the same stage a bit more than one year before together with Deicide and Vader. Just like back then, they once again delivered a flawless, enthusiatic gig - it would be pretty hard anyways to stand still with those impelling drums. And since Samael, have been around for quite a long time as well, they were in the lucky position to create a setlist true to the motto "only killers, no fillers". Killers were for example "Solar Soul", "Reign Of Light", "Into The Pentagramm" and "Slavocracy".

One last changeover, the audience was eagerly waiting for the headliner of the evening.
Shortly before the gig was about to start, Arch Enemy invited two fans, who were sitting in wheelchairs to witness the gig from on stage to have a free sight. Very nice thing to do, very fan-friendly and something I hadn´t seen so far at a gig. Thumbs up! I´m pretty sure, the two lucky fans enjoyed this special place!
Shortly after that, the light went off, the intro started and Arch Enemy kicked off with "Revolution Begins" and the 1,5 hour neckbreaker-marathon was on. Apart from a band, that was full of power, the oh so beloved fog-machine was blasting out fog like there was no tomorrow - you can guess how happy we photographers were. Luckily the evil fog was gone quite fast and thus we could capture some nice pics! The song was followed by "Ravenous" and fronter Angela Gossow seemed to be really pleased about this crazy crowd, since she/they didn´t know what to expect for their very first gig in Luxemburg.
Seems as if the mystery is solved - This is the band you need, to get a lazy audience banging their heads off! "My Apocalypse" and Co surely "broke" some more necks, people were singing and clapping along and simply having a good time. Inbetween some drumsolo from Mr Erlandsson and of course guitar solos from Christopher and Michael Amott. "Dead Eyes See No Future" and "We Will Rise" left the fans with no time to take a rest and thus the evening was over way too fast. However, it was a sure thing that Arch Enemy couldn´t simply end their gig like this and had to return for an encore, that the audience was demanding loudly with screaming, whistling and clapping. So the band returned for 3 more songs, being more than pleased about this absolutely great gig, they had delivered!
One thing is for sure, this gig was a memorable one and Arch Enemy will return to Luxemburg - very soon hopefully!

Intro / The Immortal / Revolution Begins / Ravenous / Taking Back My Soul / My Apocalypse / Shadows And Dust / Silent Wars / Drum Solo / Live Again / Dark Insanity / Dead Eyes See No Future / Bury Me An Angel / Christopher Amott Solo / Michael Amott Solo / Dead Bury Their Dead / We Will Rise / / / Snowbound / Nemesis / Fields Of Desolation/ Outro

Cornelia Wickel

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