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Moses W.: Accordion doesn´t rock!

Now something completely different in this STALKER forum. It still deals with music and „Hevi Meddel“ but it is not about a band... well, but somehow it is... so what, just continue reading and you will learn more about "Meddel", Moses W. from E., Germany, and his childhood trauma...

Please introduce yourself briefly with all your attributes, spleens etc.
Moses W. does stand up- and music comedy, is a skilled music- merchant, abandoned student of communication sciences, guitarist (and singer & accordionist) of the Queen-comedy-tribute-band BURGER QUEEN and since his 14. birthday KISS-fan.
How did you get the idea for writing a book?
To make it short, the soccer WM 2006 is to blame. As a not- too-fanatic soccer – fan I had about 2 months time to do something completely different. For example writing a book.

Is your comedy-program buoyed like the book, like „metal- education“ plus autobiography?
In my 3 solo – programs I always had some sketches, that allude to being a rock – fan, for example „der Besuch des ersten, richtigen Rockkonzertes“ or „der Kauf der ersten, richtigen Rockscheibe“. Unfortunately the intersection of comedy – audience and hard rock – fans is not very big, therefore I live only sporadically play sketches on this theme. In my book I for the first time was able to show these stories in a whole.

Would you be able to life from being a comedian/author as well, or is music – education still your breadwinning?
Not only that I could, I have been doing it for a few years already. My stories to the theme “guitar – lessons/ guitar – teacher” are long gone.

Would you give up everything, if you would be able to join your favorite band as a guitarist?
EVERYTHING! ...accept my guitars, these I would very carefully put into their cases. Then I would buy some make – up and would invent a new mask, that KISS yet didn`t have, for example the cow.

How was the reaction (press, lections, fans ), the more so as you are disclosing some private things (e. g. love – life )?
Until now the feedback was constantly positive ( I will upload some reviews to the book-homepage www.das-rockt-das-buch.de in the near future). The catchword love-life didn`t trouble anybody as much as worth to mention anything about it, but that may still come.

Your book did awake some childhood-memories, „Prilblumen“, Karl May ( I still know the name Hadschi Halef Omar by heart, too!) and sticker-albums... the recording method (waiting in front of the radio, mike in hand )... Has there been response to that?
The theme „Musik in den 70ern vom Radio aufnehmen“ I have often refered to, and there to the reactions have been very delighted and emotional.

Who did the (Helnwein/Scorpions inspired) book-cover?
The idea to the citation was mine. The conversion was done by the comic-artist JAMIRI, who since a lot of years produces his own comic-series under his name and who to me counts to the best of what the German comic-market hast offer.

At that time you found Deep Purple and Iron Maiden poster in BRAVO magazine ( I still have them!!!). What do you have on your walls today?
A original KISS-tourposter of the gig in the Bremer Stadthalle within the Dynasty-tour 1980. Besides my workroom is full of KISS- and other rock – action-dolls.

I have been surprised to read, that the media under public law in Germany does just as consistently ignore Metal as in Austria (where I am from), for example even though Lordi won the Eurovision Song Contest, they were banned from radio. On the other hand, in Germany exists (contrary to Austria) a close to unmanageable Metal-market (merch-companies, magazines, festivals, concerts, labels, bands) since decades – what is the reason for that, in your opinion?
There you are addressing two completely different markets. The big media, no matter if public or private, is concerned about ratings, and the battle becomes harder. There simply is no place for genre-programs. At least that’s how the wrights see it. The festival- and fanmarket comes right from the basis and is done by fans for fans. They are closely crosslinked, everybody knows how the scene ticks and what is hot or not. You can not work nearer to the pinpoint.

Catchword Lordi, what do you think about Finland and its wave of metal-bands?
Very funny! Actually comedy. Do Waltari also come from Finland? They are also very funny. And the Leningrad Cowboys? Ah no, they come from Russia, right? But still very funny.

We yet share a childhood-trauma: Accordion!! Meanwhile there are 3 Finnish metal-bands to whom that´s no barrier - Korpiklaani, Finntroll, Moonsorrow (and even a fourth, Eläkeläiset, but that`s not real metal... ) now, if you had the chance , would you join a metal band as the accordionist?
In my biography there has been a hard change at the age of 15 from the squeezebox to the guitar, cause ACCORDION DOES NOT ROCK. From this opinion also some finish bacon-bellies can not dissuade me. Point. End of the speech. Next question, please.

Would you participate in the air-guitar WM (annual in finish Oulu, see www.omvf.net)?
I could do the base-solo of Gene Simmons, with fire-breathing and blood spiting, but I am not sure if that counts, cause it is ( air-) bass-solo, not a guitar-solo.

Have you been criticized by angry drummers for the translation „drumsolo = time for a pit stop"?
How many drummers do you need for changing a light bulb? Answer: Five. One, who does it, and four, who argue how Cozy Powell would have done it. Any questions?

A lot of metalheads from the 80´s now have academic careers and finally fabricate funded documentaries, like "Metal - A Headbanger´s Journey". Your comment on that?
Totally great, what they are doing, an enrichment for the world cultural heritage. „Heavy Metal auf dem Lande“ I consider as very good, a documentary about the Label Nuclear Blast. And my favorite book is „Fargo Rock City“ by the American Chuck Klosterman. (It has been released in Germany as a paperback-version quite recently.)

What was your most exciting/disappointing moment so far?
My most exciting moment? The buying of my first guitar! My most disappointing moment? My first guitar-lesson.

What has been the craziest thing that happened to you?
This interview...

What do you plan for near future? Maybe a sequel to your book?
Well, now I´m going to save this interview-text and mail it to you, then I´ll go buying cat-food, cause our tomcat watches me very reproachful. And then I`m going to write a new solo-program, will go for a lection-tour, will play a little theater in autumn and then with Burger Queen some club-gigs. Oh yes, on the 4th of august part 2 of the KISS-DVD-series „Kissology“ reaches the market. This one I`m going to check out in the meantime. Anything like that it´s going to be. Best regards and ROCK THE IRONY!


Author: Klaudia Weber, transl. Katrin Dietl, photos: Guido Schröder, Gobo
Date: 2007-06-28

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