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Job For A Cowboy: A sticky joke

A busy band, they have recently been touring in Europe, now they are heading to Australia, after that they will present their new album “Genesis” live in their home country USA... Just in between STALKER managed to get hold of Job For A Cowboy vocalist Jonny Davy for a quick chat.

So since this was your first extensive tour through Europe, did you get a great feedback from the audiences so far?
It´s been completely far better than we expected. We´ve only been through mainland Europe twice now and we are still blown away on how great the reaction has been and on how well we´ve been received. Never in my life did I expect that I would actually have the chance to head down to Europe in general, so personally I´m grateful.

And so what`s the difference between European and US audiences - if there is any?
When it comes to the UK, America is very similar. However, when it comes to Europe, the audiences are definitely much different. I suppose in America a lot of people or a chunk rather just come out to shows on the trend side, almost like a hangout spot. In Europe it humbly feels like people come out to watch the bands. They are definitely a lot more laid back in contrast to America, but you can definitely tell that they stand and pay close attention to the bands.

Concerning your band name, which seems to be very unusual AND original for an extreme Metal band, how did you come up with that?
One might think that especially Death Metal fans would have a problem with your name.
I really wish that there was a good story behind it. But there completely isn´t one. When we formed the band, we went through every generic Metal band name you could think of. But of course, they were all taken. So one random day after a week or so of brainstorming, one of the earlier members randomly blurted out… “Lets just name our band Job For A Cowboy.”…. He was joking, of course, but somehow we went on with the joke for too long, and now to this day we´re stuck with it.
A certain Deicide feel - especially in the opener song of "Genesis" - can`t be denied. I am also referring to some of the double-tracked vocal parts, low and mid-range. What are your sources of inspiration? Specifically as far as "old school" and modern bands are concerned.
As a whole the band really all listens to a lot of random stuff. We´re just huge fans of extreme Metal music. To make it plain and simple, we´re music fans. When working on the album, we were really all into stuff such as Deicide, Exhumed, Morbid Angel and Decapitated.
For a band of such a young age, you guys sound surprisingly mature and technically proficient. So you must have spent quite some time on your instruments in the rehearsal place, whereas other young bands were partying or chasing girls it seems like. Is that so?
Well, ha, I guess so. We´re all really weird dudes that just hang out by ourselves and write and play music. Our main hobby for years has just been sitting at home and playing music together.
What are your thoughts on MySpace and YouTube? It is a blessing for a lot of new and upcoming bands. Did you have a certain strategy to promote your sound? It didn`t come by accident obviously.
Well ,the internet really has been an amazing tool for new bands that have come out over the past three years. Before we could even tour as a band, we just randomly put a few of our demo songs up from our Doom Ep on such sites such as myspace and purevolume and it really did just randomly explode out of nowhere. I personally don´t understand or know why or how it happened. I have no complaints however. I suppose, the only issue would be bands becoming somewhat recognized before they´re really even fully developed as a band. Issues like that have been happening over the past year, but either way its an amazing promotional tool to get your bands name out.

Could you imagine to share the same stage with bands that sound quite different than you, but are just as extreme and spaced-out? I am thinking of bands/artists like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Elastttic, Gigan or even Diamanda Galas.
Well, yes. We play shows throughout the year, as far as festivals go, where a lot of different types of bands play from different genres of music. We played Download Festival this year, and it was an amazing vibe and experience, where there are dozens of bands that sound absolutely nothing like us, that are on the complete other side of the the genre we play in. I feel that its always good to play to people outside your general audience.
So, tell us : How do you like the German beer?
German beer was honestly the best beer I have ever had.
Thanks for the interview and see you guys next time.

Band website: http://www.jfacmetal.com/

Author: Marc Hoek, photos JFAC, facetheshow.com
Date: 2007-08-27

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