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Chuck Norris Experiment, The: No Karate Muppets

Those who want to bring back good old Rock ´n´ Roll have to be tough! Karate muppets as namesakes, shabby old barns as backstage area – Chuck Ransom from The Chuck Norris Experiment knows it all! But in exchange sometimes wine flows like beer and so no problem for „the greatest band on the planet“ from Sweden, now on tour in Germany! But just read on!

First: About your name: Chuck Norris is a very polarizing person. Are you all avowed Chuck Norris Fans?
Chuck Norris is my birthname. I was born Chuck Norris, and my mother chose to change it to Chuck Ransom (my grandfathers last name) just because of that moustache-wearing karate-muppet tried to make it as a Hollywood star. So the bandname has nothing to do with Chuck "karate" Norris.

On your myspace it says: "The Chuck Norris Experiment - The greatest band on the planet". How can you justify this?
I don´t really have to justify it. That is just the way it is. You don´t have to justify that the sun is hot, do you?

Which are the first 5 adjectives which come to your mind if you think of your band?
I keep trying to think of adjectives but I end up thinking about boobies. Let me give you 5 nice boobies instead! 1. Jennifer Connely 2. Angelina Jolie 3. Princess Madeleine of Sweden 4. Kate Beckinsale 5. Jessica Alba

Your new album is called "The return of Rock N´ Roll". If Elvis or Jonny Cash would resurge, do you think they would like your music?
Yes, I am totally sure they would! We always have a microphone and a guitar ready on stage if any of those gentlemen would decide to haunt us. Hellacopters said that Rock is dead, and maybe it was, maybe Hellacopters are dead? We are taking Rock´n´Roll back and we´re giving the true love and joy of good, clean, kickass Rock´n´Roll back to the people of the world.

If you could decide any artist on this planet to join your band. Who would it be?
I really would not have anyone else in the band! We have reached CNE-perfection as far as I am concerned. If I have to pick one, I would ask Lemmy to join us. Imagine all the stories. I am sure that he just loves to tell them, and I would finally have someone that can keep up with my Bourbon drinking.

You´re on tour in Germany now. What makes a gig be a real good gig?
Mainly it is enough to be in Germany. It is a very big difference how you get treated as a band in Germany and Sweden. But a good gig is a gig where we all have fun and the wine flows like beer. The crowd and the band giving it all. That´s why we keep coming back!

What was the worst place you ever played in and why?
This summer we played a festival in the North of Sweden called Fjongstock. And it totally sucked! They had some decent bands on the bill, but they forgot to advertise the festival, so no-one around that godforsaken area knew about it. When we arrived at the festival, no-one knew where the bands should go. So we ended up in a barn with holes in the floor and walls. We were told this was the backstage area, „and sorry, there is no beer, the bands from yesterday drank it. And there are no sleeping places. Maybe my mother has some blankets.“ And after the show the guards wanted to throw us out of the "backstage area", because they thought we were someone else. Yeah, that is the most shitty thing I have ever been to. Burn, motherfucker burn. Never ever play there!

What is the most important thing to have on the tour bus?

What´s your future aim with The Chuck Norris Experiment?
Right now the future looks like we will be touring a lot in 2007. And we´ll do some shows in new exciting countries and places in 2008, then we need to record another album in 2008, and then we need to tour some more.... And yeah..... We want world domination.

Any last words to STALKER readers?
Yeah! See you on the road! And always, always support your local Rock´n´Roll heroes!!

So no more questions! Thanks for answering and have a good time on tour!
Thanks for having us!!

Author: Aziza Schwenke, photos: CNE
Date: 2007-09-06

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