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HIM - “The older, the better” | Part 2 of the HIM - Interview

The STALKER got the smart Finn to chat about the normal course of a musicians life, plans for the future and dark secrets...

Can you imagine to acting? Maybe in Jackass?
Hold on. Have we done anything? I do not know. I am in a couple of episodes of Viva la Bam. They had filmed some stuff in Finland but I am not jackassing. Maybe drunken beer, that is pretty jackass too.

Can you imagine to act in a movie?
No. I am not interesting in acting. I want to be myself and do not try to be somebody else. I have never like acting and I do not like many actors. Some of them are very nice but… Actors are spooky.

What do you think about art? Is art just for you painting and music or acting also?
Of course it is art but art is usually for wankers.

What changed for you as a band to move to Warner records?
We finally get an album official realise in the States, Canada, Australia and Japan. We will play two gigs next week in Japan. One in Osaka and one in Tokyo. The major different is that the record company is not a 5 minute taxi drive away, it is a 8 hour fly away. They have another context and different vibe, they let us do what we want to do. That is pretty cool.

And you can keep your old crew.
Yes. The manager is the one who cared for the deal for Warner. We worked with this guy from England called Dave, we worked with him for years and years and years and years. He is a very very good friend, a dear friend. So we try to keep the crew.

Gas says to me that he wants to make some sportswear. Gas sportswear. Have you seen it?
I have not heard about that.

Are planning to do a second string?
Doing something else without music? Sell my face on t-shirts. We doing that already. Look at the merchandise. But… no no no. I am not interesting. We´re talking about having a Heartagram clothing line. That would be very cool but we still try to figure out who would be the one to design, we met few people. It should be better clothing stuff, no t-shirts or stuff like that. More like suits and stuff like that. If that would be possible one day it would be very cool.

The next question should be boring to you because everybody ask that. What is Juana doing? Tell us a little bit about her.
She works in a bar. There is a very cool restaurant in Helsinki, she is working there because all her friend work there. And she is working for a TV station as VJ for a local cable.

Witch restaurant is it?
I do not tell you. You find it. It is easy to find.

How would you marry?
I am not sure. She is planning a church wedding. I do not plan a church wedding, just sign a couple of things and a kiss on the cheek. It would not be a big thing. I do not know.

What about the introduction of marriage?
I do not really care about that. My parents are happily married about 47 years, that is pretty cool. It is maybe officially marking your territory.

You get 30 next year. Are you scared about it?
No. Jyrki is 36 and he is still doing fine. Pete Steele is over 40 and Ozzy is 60 and Neil Young is over 60 and Lemmy is 60.

So it does nothing change?
No. nothing changes. You know, your age is in your heart and in your head. It´s cool. So older, so better. Old people are often cooler than young people.

Are there some unrealised dreams?
No, not really. I am happy. I like to see different countries. What happens that happens. I do not stress me out.

Is there something you would not do any longer for marketing? You have done advertising for coca cola and Jägermeister.
We did not do that for coca cola. We did that for Red Cross. That is a different thing. And the Jägermeister thing, that was one tour here in Germany. The give us a lot of money and they paid for our bus and everything and we tried it out because w have heard god things about Jägermeister in the U.S.

You are a Goth band but you do not look like a Goth band.
We are not a real Goth band. We have parts from Goth but… The 69 Eyes, they are a Goth band. They love Goth and they never been hide in that way when they turned from a Glam-Rock band into a Goth band, what happened like that . We have a lot of different things. Like Migé is a big fan of the 60´s and 70´s like Hardrock, like Metal and that is probably the reason why he looks like he does. Linde is a big fan of Hendrix and that kind of stuff and that is the reason why he wears the stonewashed jeans, that is where he comes from. Everybody in the band loves so much different things that it would be wrong to call our self a Goth band. We are gothic-rock-metal-pop-singer songwriter-band. We have all this influences.

Your personal character. Is it stamped by someone?
No. Maybe my Daddy. I have my idols, like Pete Steele or Neil Young on a professional level. People look at each other and try to find a way to express themselves with clothing and with their piercing and their music.

You have had looked a little bit like Johnny Depp with that longer hair and that beard.
Yeah yeah. Everybody says this. It was good fun. My girlfriend was a fan of that teeny moustache.

Do you have a secret passion?
A secret passion… no. I do not have many secrets. I do not think so. I like to eat my microwave pizzas cold. Not the frozen once just the cold ones. I never put them in the microwave. We have actually two teams in Finland, one support the hot ones and the other support the could ones. I am for the cold.

What is between you and Bam?
What should there be?

Romours say that you and Bam are more than friends.
Cool. We are totally gay. No but it would be easier if I would be gay. Especially on tour. No we are full-blood-heteros.

Author: Samira Alinto, Photos: Melanie Haack
Date: 2005-11-20

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